RF 8.2Mhz EAS Security system


Center Frequency:8.2Mhz 
Frequency width:7.2~10.5MHz
Scan Frequency: 150/160/170/180Hz(standard) 
Band width: 600-1500KHz 
Input voltage:DC24V
Antenna material:Imported Acrylic
Mainboard:HL LIVE type(HL DSP type is for your option)
Product  dimension(CM): 152×39×11.5
Carton size(CM):160x50x14
Gross weight(KG):  21.5
Packing qty:1 piece/carton

World-class product protectionCrystal II.-Your Partner in Protectionthe bellwether of the EAS -Electronic Article Surveillance area

Size: 152*39*11.5cm

Detect distance:

Soft label: 0.9—1.2M Hard tag: 1.2—2.2M

Frequency of transmitter center: 8.2MHZ

 1> Imported material of Acrylic, elegant in Design

2> LED Spotlight at BTM turns blue when aerial powered up and red when gave an alumni 

3> LED light tells right from wrong when positive and negative poles of mainboard are mis-wired New

4> Hoffman’s on mainboard more security New

5> LED light gives a hint when Hoffman’s broken

6> LED lights clearly reveals on-site environment, relaxed modified;

7> Advanced error-MHz skills, non-network at close range, avoiding Foreign Like Products ‘disturbance

8> High Efficiency in Detection, low rate of false alarm

9> Maturity on Multi-channel network skills

10> Test all 8.2 MHz hard and soft label

11> Dock of aerial can be fixed on the ground surface, suitable for 220V power

12> Simple usage and maintenance

13> Passed CE, FCC, UL certificates

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