ZKTTeco KR-500E Wiegand Card Exit Reader


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Read range of up to 10cm for proximity card and 5cm for Mifare card  
External LED control  
External Buzzer Control  
Indoor/Outdoor operation  
Solid Epoxy potted                          
Waterproof IP64 or IP65
Reverse Polarity Protection

Model: KR 500E, Brand: Zkteco

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is a remote data storage and retrieval system that uses devices called tags, cards, transponders, or RFID tags. The fundamental purpose of RFID technology is to transmit the identity of an object (similar to a unique serial number) using radio waves. RFID technologies are grouped into the so-called Auto ID (automatic identification). RFID tags are small sticker-like devices that can be attached or incorporated into a product, an animal, or a person. They contain antennas to enable them to receive and respond to radiofrequency requests from an RFID transceiver. Passive tags do not need internal power, while active tags do. One of the advantages of using radiofrequency (instead of, for example, infrared) is that direct vision is not required between transmitter and receiver.

Read Range

• KR 500E: Up to 10CM  • KR 500E: Up to 5CM

Output Port

• ≤200ms

Input Port

• External LED Control  • External Buzzer Control

Output Port

• External LED Control  • External Buzzer Control


• KR 500E: 26bit Wiegand (Default)  • KR 500E -M: 34bit Wiegand (Default)


• Red and Green LEDs

Operating Temperature

• -10°C to +65°C

Operating Humidity

• 10% to 90% relative humidity  • non-condensing


• ABS+PC with texture


• Yes

Index of Protection

• KR500-E/M: IP65  • KR501-E/M: IP65  • KR502-E/M: IP64  • KR503-E/M: IP65

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