USB Fingerprint Reader Device For Agent Banking


Fingerprint Reader in Bangladesh by GCTL:

- Fake Finger Rejection – advanced technology that rejects spoofed fingerprints

- Encryption of fingerprint templates

- Ultra-compact, lightweight and portable

- FBI Certified , meets FBI Image Quality standards

- IP54 rated for dust and water-resistance + Rugged

Agent banking Fingerprint Reader in Bangladesh:
Now Days Most laptop,Mobile today ship with a fingerprint reader. Most likely, you have a laptop and Mobile with one. Until very recently, most major manufacturers such as Samsung,Acer, ASUS, Dell, Gateway, Lenovo, MSI, NEC, SONY, Toshiba, and many others were using fingerprint readers manufactured by a single company.

Fingerprint Reader in Bangladesh

Our Access Control Systems Provides:

  1. Employee time tracking
  2. Workforce Management
  3. Workforce management scheduling
  4. Meets Biometrics Address Workforce Related Challenges
  5. Manage efficient workforce
  6. Maintain attendance management
  7. Absence management
  8. Leave management
  9. Workforce analytics
  10. Mobile workforce management
  11. Biometric time clock systems
  12. Payroll efficiency
  13. attendance systems for small businesses.
    Fingerprint scanner in Bangladesh

Using one’s fingerprint to unlock a mobile device with a touch is fast and convenient. But does it provide sufficient security. More importantly, biometric unlock provide a level of security comparable to that of the more traditional PIN or passcode As we found in a series testing, Apple has managed to develop a comprehensive fingerprint unlock system that provides just enough security while offering a much greater convenience compared to traditional unlock methods.

Finger Print Attendence in Bangladesh

There is no lack of Android smartphones (but no tablets) that come with integrated fingerprint scanners. Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7, Motorola Moto Z, SONY Xperia Z5, LG G5, Huawei Ascend Mate 7 and newer flagships, Meizu Pro 5 and a plethora of other devices are using fingerprint scanners without proper support on the native API level.

Access control systems – in the broader context of identity management, physical security, and IT security – help you regulate who, or what can access a specific place or a specific resource.

When a user’s credentials get presented to a reader, the system compares that user’s credentials against an access control list and decides whether to either allow or block access.

While this very simple, single factor authorization is still prevalent, more sophisticated access control looks for additional authenticating credentials in the form of either:

Hamster Pro Fingerprint Reader in bd
    a PIN or passphrase
    a physical device, such as a smart card
    something biometric, like a fingerprint

To keep up with the rapidly changing nature of access control systems.

Fingerprint Reader can provide benefits like:
    - Efficient scheduling of workforce    
    - Accurate capture of employee time and attendance
    - Saves businesses from impact of leaves and absenteeism
    - Remote management of off-site employees
    - Increased per employee productivity
    - Ability to accomplish tasks with lesser numbers of people
    - Efficient and accurate payroll due to an increase in per-employee productivity
    - Forecasting saves from surprises and saves money that could go wasted managing them
    - It helps allocate right people with the right skills to the right job at the right time
office fingerprint scanner in BD

Using Area of Fingerprint Scanner in Bangladesh:

BRAC Bank Agent Banking

Grameenphone (GP) SIM Registration

Dutch-Bangla Bank Agent Banking

IBBL Agent Banking

Robi Biometric Registration

Bank Asia Agent Banking
MTB Agent Banking Services
City Agent Banking

BKash Fingerprint Registration

Rocket Biometric Registration

SIBL AGENT BANKING Fingerprint Scanner
GCTL Sales all Types Access Control System. agent banking, Biometric Registration Machine. Fingerprint Scanner Device, all over Bangladesh. Please Call 01847213868 or E—mail us . you can SIM Card Registration Check Online with our Fingerprint Scanner.

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