Futronic FS82 USB Agent Banking Biometric Fingerprint Reader


Fingerprint Scanner and Smart Card Reader

  • Embedded ISO 7816 smart card reader for 2-factor authentication
  • EMV 200 compliant
  • High speed capture of virtually undistorted fingerprint images
  • Live finger detection rejects artificial fingerprints
  • Infrared illumination for reliable capture of problematic finger types
  • Rugged, nearly indestructible 14mm thick crown glass sensor
  • Compatible with RAVEN Biometric Verification and Enrollment Software
  • Compatible with FastCheck Fingerprint Card Application

Futronic FS82 is an optical USB 2.0 fingerprint scanner that also has an ISO/IEC 7816 compliant smart card reader. Technically the device is the Futronic FS80 scanner with smart card reader added.The device allows to use fingerprint and smart card readers together for two-factor authentication, or separately. The smart card reader in FS82 can handle any ISO 7816 compatible smart card and can be used as stand-alone smart card reader.Scanner's manufacturer specifies that FS82 is able to perform live finger detection and reject fake fingers made from silicone rubber, play-doh or other materials. The scanner is able to adapt to fingerprint image quality (wet, dry or blurred fingers) by adjusting illumination intensity.Support modules for this scanner are included in:



Device name

Futronic FS82 USB2.0 Fingerprint Smart Card Reader


Futronic Technology Co. Ltd.


USB 2.0

Device size

50 x 73 x 35 mm (2.0" x 2.9" x 1.4")

Device weight

160 grams (0.4 lbs)

Operating temperature

-10°C ~ +55°C

Fingerprint reader

Supported OS (*)

Microsoft Windows (32-bit and 64-bit),
Linux (x86 32-bit and 64-bit),
macOS (x86 32-bit and 64-bit),


500 ppi

Image capture area (Platen size)

16 x 24 mm (0.6" x 0.9")

Fingerprint image size

320 x 480 pixels

Sensor type

Optical, CMOS


Infrared LEDs

Smart card reader

Supported OS (*)

Microsoft Windows (32bit and 64bit)

Standard compliancy

ISO/IEC 7816

Accepted card voltage

1.8V, 3V, 5V

Futronic Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Futronic FS82 USB Agent Banking Biometric Fingerprint Reader Price in Bangladesh.

Features and benefit:
The Futronic FS82HC Fingerprint Smart Reader combines Futronic's FS80H USB2.0 Fingerprint Scanner and ISO7816 smart card reader into one device.

FS82HC has exactly all features of FS80H. So it can be used as purely fingerprint scanner with all Futronic’s standard software. The smart card reader in FS82HC can handle any ISO7816 compatible smart card. So that it can also be used as a standalone smart card reader.

And fingerprint scanner and smart card reader can be combined to do two-factor authentication. That is, registered fingerprint is can be stored on smart card (carried by user) which is read into PC to match with a freshly captured fingerprint from fingerprint scanner at the time of authentication. This can be achieved by using Futronic’s Fingerprint Recognition Software Development Kit (SDK).

  USB 2.0 compatible interface, plug and play device
  With a 2M standard USB cable
  Small size, 50 x 73 x 35 mm
  Light weight, 180 gram
  Operation temperature: -10 to +55 Degree Celsius
Specification-Fingerprint scanner
  Fingerprint scanning window size is 16x24mm
  Image resolution is 320x480 pixel, 500 DPI
  Raw fingerprint image file size is 150K byte
  With Live Finger Detection (LFD) feature

Specification-Smart card reader
  ACS AC1038 Reader Chip
  Full speed interface to PC with simple command structure
  Supports SLE4418/28/32/42 memory cards
  Supports most common memory-based smart cards, including I2C bus protocol cards(from 1K bits up to 1024K bits) and secure memory cards (Atmel AT88SC153 and AT88SC1608)
  Certificate of conformance: ISO7816, PC/SC, EMV Certified
  Support PPS (Protocol and Parameters Selection) with 1743-305200 bps in reading and writing smart cards
Using Applications and Areas:
    PC Peripherals
    PIV Fingerprint Verification Station
    Government Logical Access Control
    Airport Security
    E-Passport Fingerprint Scanner
    Biometric SIM Registration
    Fake Finger Verifications
    Banglalink SIM Registration in Bangladesh
    Grameenphone SIM Registration in Bangladesh
    Robi SIM Registration in Bangladesh
    Teletalk SIM Registration in Bangladesh
    Agent Banking Registration in Bangladesh
    Mobile Banking Registration in Bangladesh
    Police Station General Public Selection in Bangladesh
    Original People Selection or Verifications

Using Area of Fingerprint Scanner in Bangladesh:

BRAC Bank Agent Banking

Grameenphone (GP) SIM Registration

Dutch-Bangla Bank Agent Banking

IBBL Agent Banking

Robi Biometric Registration

Bank Asia Agent Banking
MTB Agent Banking Services
City Agent Banking

BKash Fingerprint Registration

Rocket Biometric Registration

SIBL AGENT BANKING Fingerprint Scanner
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