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Non-contact Digital Infrared Thermometer Scanner Best Price in Bangladesh

Non-contact Infrared thermometers:

Infrared thermometer is a non-contact thermometer and presents a perfect solution to you to get accurate, fast and precise readings without having to touch the object. Infrared thermometer is quickly gaining popularity for those who are looking to check temperatures of distant items or extremely hot items without having to worry about breaking the thermometer or burning their skin. The ability of infrared thermometers to check temperature of an item without having to touch it makes it an extremely lucrative product.

Product parameters

Product name

 Non-contact IR digital thermometer

Model No.



DC 3V,2*AAA Alkaline battery


50 sets

Measurement time

≤2 seconds

Temperature measure range


Measurement distance


Automatic shutdown

≤18 seconds






Backlight with 3 different color: green, orange, red

Infrared thermometers are less risky for their operators who can use these from a distance. Thus, these thermometers are quickly becoming the first choice of many who would like to check the temperature of an object’s surface from a distance. They provide fast and accurate results with extreme precision, thus allowing users to collect data from a distance. Infrared thermometers are also commonly used when and if the object is too hot to touch, or the object is difficult to read, or for instance, if the object is moving or in motion and you would a fast, quick and efficient measurement.

Infrared Thermometer Advantage:

multi-purpose machine

Measuring the temperature of food/room/milk/water 

50 sets memories

3 color for backlight display 

One key restores, any key turn-on

Healthy PP material

 Thus, infrared thermometers can be used for a variety of purposes. For instance, an infrared thermometer can be used for cooking as well as for research purposes. In cooking for instance, recipes that require precision and accuracy, an infrared thermometer can offer a simple and quick solution. It offers a hassle-free way of measure the surface temperature of the item. Infrared thermometers are great when you would like to check the temperature of sauces, customers, jam, cheese or chocolates. It works in a very user-friendly way providing you fast, precise and accurate values. You just have to point and press to get an instant reading. Infrared thermometers come with a large LCD display and can display readings up to 250 degree Celsius. The non-contact option of these infrared thermometers makes them extremely viable and less risky for fire fighters seeking to check out hot spots from a distant and without touching the surface area. Infrared thermometers are also quite popular amongst doctors’ and medical professionals who would like to take their patients’ temperature keeping the hygiene conditions into account. Infrared thermometers are also popular amongst researchers checking temperatures of volcanoes or other hot objects, chemicals. These are also popular in the manufacturing industry to assure quality.

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