Hikvision DS-2TP21B-6AVF/W Temperature Screening Thermographic Handheld Camera


Multi Using Thermal Fever Screening Devices:

✓ Thermal Fever Screening.

✓ Infrared Thermal Detection.

✓ Fever Screening.

✓ Full Thermal Scheme.

✓ Digital Thermometer System.

✓ Forehead Temperature Measure.

✓ Thermal Detection Systems.

✓ Detecting fever with Thermography.

✓ Body Surface Temperature Screening.

✓ Surface Temperature Alarm Function.

✓ Non-contact infrared digital Thermometer.

Fever screening thermographic handheld camera in Bangladesh

Solution composition: Thermographic handheld camera + Tripod (Optional) + Monitor operator

Solution Advantages:

✓ Flexible and simple to use                  ✓ Rapid setting up and adapt to sudden event

✓ Accuracy is ±0.5 degree                      ✓ satisfy preliminary fever screening requirement

✓ Thermographic turret / bullet support human temperature-exception audio alarm to notice the operator in time                                         ✓ Easy installation and simple configuration.

✓ Support AI face detection                   ✓ multiple targets screening at the same time

✓ reduce false alarms                             ✓ Accuracy is ±0.5 degree

✓ satisfy preliminary fever screening requirement

 Fever screening thermographic handheld camera

Set up tips:

✓ The camera is recommended to install in 1.5-meter-high, keep the distance between target and camera about 1m

✓ Recommend to install in a stable environment without wind indoors.

✓ People pass by the thermographic camera one by one, the operator read the maximum value in the screen.

 Fever screening thermographic handheld camera

Thermal thermographic handheld camera screening performance:

-       Distance: 1m

-       Speed: Real time

-       Display: Thermal image

-       Efficiency: 60 persons / minute

-       Information preservation: Screenshot

Forehead thermometer:

-       Distance: 1-3 cm

-       Speed: 1-5 seconds

-       Display: Numeric only

-       Efficiency: 12 persons / minute

-       Information preservation: No preserve


Thermographic Handheld Camera Advantages:

✓ Keep distance between the operator and the target person, reduce the risk of decrease transmission

✓ Higher efficiency, more suitable for flow of fast moving crowded.

✓ Easy to use, the operator less steps in operate cameras, need only read the maximum value in the screen

✓ Able to preserve the screenshot of potential risky target person as an evidence


Solution composition:

Thermographic fever screening bullet / turret + Tripod + Tripod adaptor + VMS(4200) + POE Switch

Applications areas:                

✓ Hospital                      ✓ Market                                   ✓ Railway stations              

✓ Enterprise                   ✓ Station                                  ✓ School                              

 ✓ Airport                          ✓ Apartment buildings           ✓ Place of crowded flow 

 ✓ Place of high risk       ✓ Entrance security check    ✓ Temporary control

Hikvision thermographic fever screening Solution Advantages:

AI Face detection: Hikvision thermographic fever screening Bullet/Turret cameras provide AI Face Detection function, locate multi faces intelligently and measure the faces only, to reduce false alarm from other heat sources.

Unique Self-developed Algorithm: Hikvision thermographic fever screening products are embedded with self-developed algorithm, which specially optimized for temperature measurement thermography. Combined constant temperature/dust-free automated manufacturing process with big data, Hikvision could ensure the accuracy of thermal cameras

Onboard Audio Alarm: Hikvision thermographic fever screening Bullet/Turret cameras are able to do onboard audio alarm, notice the operator without the requirement of other sirens, reduce the complexity of whole solution.

Full solution: As the world ‘s leading security solution provider Hikvision are able to provide full one-stop solution include thermography, NVR, barriers detector door, switch. More convenient for customer and user.


Q: Can the thermographic fever screening camera be installed outdoors?

A: Outdoor wind and sun can easily affect the body surface temperature and the working status of the camera, which results in a deviation between the measured body surface temperature and the actual body temperature. From the perspective of ensure the accuracy, we strongly recommended the solutions used indoors.

Q: Does the camera recognize the face for temperature measurement

A: The camera recognizes faces when screening. It supports up to 30 faces. But still we recommended to carry out temperature measurement in order.

Q: Can the accuracy of thermographic fever screening camera reach 0.1 ℃?

A: No. At present, cameras with accuracy higher than 0.5 require black-body online real-time calibration and intelligent compensation. The accuracy of black body is currently plus or minus 0.2, and it is impossible to achieve 0.1. High-precision accuracy solutions right now are all 0.3

Q: Will other heat sources (such as tea cups, kettles, etc.) cause false alarms?

A: The cameras are able to use face recognition technology, so other heat sources will not cause false alarms.

Q: How long can I use the fever screening function after the camera is turned on?

A: 5 minutes after the handheld camera is turned on, 30 minutes after the bullet / turret camera is turned on.

Q: What is black body? What should be noticed before purchase black body?

A: The black body is a standard temperature source; the thermographic cameras are able to calibrated based on the temperature of the black body.

The black body only needs to be powered; no internet required.

Hikvision thermal cameras are available with a black body to increase accuracy.

Currently black body only supports Chinese power supply standards. And no overseas certification.

Q:Is thermographic handheld camera support alarm automatically? Or is it support link with VMS

A: Thermographic handheld camera support value character turns red automatically when detect temperature-exception, but no other method to notice. Not support link with VMS

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