Varito V-1243 Digital Infrared Thermometer


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Non-contact infrared digital forehead thermometer Gun in Bangladesh:

Non-contact infrared forehead thermometer high precision electronic thermometer. This product is a non-contact infrared thermometer that specializes in measuring the temperature of human forehead, and the measured temperature will be different according to the difference of human skin. The different measured parts of human can result in different temperatures, this is because that the exposed parts of the human are greatly affected by the environment temperature. Reservation 2 In 1 Adult Body Infrared Thermometer Non-Contact Digital Portable Forehead Infrared Thermometer Non-Contact LCD Non-contact Baby Adult Whole Body Forehead Infrared Thermometer Medical for Kid Child fever alarm point can be set /store up to 32 sets of measured data / two measurement modes / silent mode.

infrared digital forehead thermometer

Infrared fever thermometer Detail:

Brand Name:


Model Number:


Instrument classification:

Class II


1 year

Temperature range:

32C-43C (89.6F-109.4F)




±0.3℃ for 32℃~42℃

Response time:

500MS, 95% Response & (900-1700) UM


±1%or ±1℃

C / F degree convert:


Hi temperature Alarm:


Power supply:


Data Recall:

32 sets

Operating Temperature

0~40C degree ( 32~104F degree)

Display accuracy

0.1C or 0.1F degree


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infrared digital forehead thermometer Gun

  • Safe and Accurate: Safety and accuracy are the most fundamental and primary requirements of our team. With the high-tech infrared temperature sensing technology, this device can safely and accurately measure the body temperature of baby and adults.
  • Simple and Fast: With one key operation, just press the button to start measuring, and the result will be out put in one second. The LED display makes the readings simple and clear. ˚C / ˚F switchable. Powered by (2) AA battery (not included).
  • Fever Alarm: 3-color backlight design, intelligent alarm, timely judgment of baby's body temperature condition (Green is normal, Yellow is slight fever, Red is high fever).
  • Multi-Function Thermometer: This forehead thermometer can not only measure body temperature (forehead), but also measures the temperature of object (baby's milk, bathing water) or room temperature. Suitable for families (baby, children and adults), easy to use at home by parents.
  • Reliable Readings & Memory Store: This baby thermometer provides fast and accurate temperature reading, instantly within 1 second. Can store and recall up to 32 readings for baby and adults, available to help you track body temperature trend.
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