Video Precis

Investigate hours of video evidence in minutes

This path-breaking technology time-condenses meaningful activity in a scene in an overlapped time scale, helping the user to quickly glance through hours of activity in just a few minutes. It can also be integrated with Intelligent Video Analytics, with application of relevant filter criteria. This allows quick review of hundreds of events and identification of important clues, significantly reducing the investigation time.

This technology allows the user to get the clues of intended event quickly, without requiring review hours of video archival for quick investigation. The underlying principles are as follows:

  • A computationally efficient and small footprint background estimation technique to segregate meaningful moving objects from the background.
  • Tag the activities of the moving objects (not just motion based) separated from the background.
  • Find time projection of different activities in a short time scale to minimize occlusion of objects and reduce overlapping of one object on another.
  • Time projected activities and corresponding objects are mapped temporarily in the background scene.
  • The objects are time-stamped and indexed to unfold the original video clips from the condensed video.


Salient Features

  • Can work in stand-alone mode or as an integral part of VMS
  • Integrated within Videonetics Enterprise VMS
  • No limitation in the number of cameras.
  • OS independent – Works perfectly on Linux, Windows, Unix and Mac OS
  • On-line as well as off-Line Mode of Operation
  • Condensed activity as evidence
  • Storage reduction as condensed activity signature
  • Hourly/Daily/User Selected periodical condensed video signature
  • Watermarked and encrypted
  • Instantaneous (zero waiting)
  • Low computation and no inherent server requirement
  • Savings in time, money and manpower




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