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Mapesen CC Camera Strives to Make it Better:

Mapesen upholds “Innovation wins market, Quality contributes brand, Honesty casts future.” Dedicated to providing video security surveillance solutions and creating better products, value and services for you year after year. Mapesen strives to make it better, it is your trust and support that makes us stay true to our original intention and keep moving forward.

Why do You Need a Mapesen Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Mapesen Recent Uninterruptible power supply delivery. In a long and friendly cooperation, Mapesen always hope to be stronger and to have more good products to help customers gain more and to reduce some unavoidable risks and losses. So, you need a Mapesen uninterruptible CC Camera power supply. We all know that even brief power outages can result in data loss or potential hardware damage. An uninterruptible power supply provides battery backup power to keep your devices running during short outages and provides enough runtime during extended outages, and MAPESEN uninterruptible power supply comes with below ADVANTAGES shows in the Descriptions.

Mapesen Vehicle Fever Screening Thermometer Application in Bangladesh:

Mapesen’s Vehicle/Fast Fever Screening Thermometer application in Bangladesh.

Advantages of Mapesen Vehicle Screening Thermometer (Car thermometer) for which makes it different from another thermometer?

  • Support multi-kinds of installation mode, wall mount, vertical and horizontal installation of vehicle railings, easy installation with single tripod.
  • Aviation Connector, anti-shake, anti-loosing, more stable, suitable for all kinds of vehicles.
  • Wide voltage 5-24V.
  • Medical grade HEIMANN sensor, sensitivity up to ±0.1.
  • Fast temperature measurement <0.1 seconds.
  • With data transmission interface.
  • Local human pronunciation, support customized language and broadcast.
  • Workable outdoor and under strong light.
  • Support temperature compensation.
  • Support sound and audio alarm, able to connecting to access control.

4K High-Definition Vision CC Camera, Light Up Your Life:

Mapesen new launched Super Nice 4K Ultra HD Mini Vandal proof Dome Camera. Exquisite design, stable performance. Easy multi-platform remote access. Enjoy an unparalleled high-definition view.

  • AI Thermal SERIES
  • Live Vision 4G & Solar System
  • Alarming Temperature & Humidity Camera
  • Live Vision Wi-Fi CC Camera
  • HD Coaxial Camera
  • Solar WIFI I 4G Battery Camera
  • HD Network CC camera
  • Vehicle Surveillance
  • Video Recorder
  • DIY Kits
  • Alarms
  • CC Camera Accessories