Hikvision CCTV Camera

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Hikvision CCTV Camera in Bangladesh:

ECURITY AS A SERVICE: You can stop searching now. For property owners and small-to-medium-sized business managers, it's never been easier to find a tailored security solution for your premises. With VSaaS technology optimized by Hikvision and a cloud-based platform powered by Ezviz cloud platform, Hikvision service partners can offer you a converged, efficient and hassle-free security solution. Instead of purchasing and maintaining high-cost servers, you can manage the system intelligently and react with real-time, informed decisions – in the palm of your hand. 

Manage & Secure with a light touch:

Hikvision Various types of systems (video surveillance, intrusion alarm, access control, video intercom, etc.) are converged to work together as one, addressing flexible security needs and creating efficient business work-flows. Minimizing your upfront investments via cloud-hosting infrastructure. The solution is highly scalable, allowing you to purchase and add devices in stages.

Feel safer with the pros (Hikvision CCTV Camera):

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your service provider is protecting the system with 24/7 system health monitoring, and even resolves problems remotely. On-site devices will be managed remotely only with explicit consent and authorization. Meet all that you need for a complete security system simply from professional installers or service providers, minimizing learning and after-sales costs. 

Stay connected at ease with Hikvision:

Managing multiple devices or sites with one single platform and Intuitive, user-friendly interface. No need to worry about system compatibility since it is always up-to-date. Experience more value-added services like cloud attendance, from service partners in the future.

Guaranteed CCTV Security System:

Powered by EZVIZ Cloud Platform, which is certified with CSA Star, ISO 29151, and ISO 27001, and is compliant with SOC2. 

Security standards and protocols
  • TLS protocol for private and secure data transmission
  • User-defined AES encryption key for stream encryption
  • Secure Hash algorithm on cloud for password protection

 Hikvision’s retail solution caters to businesses ranging from a convenience store to a spacious shopping mall. Although each business in the retail sector features distinct forms and characteristics, they all share the need for better property security and smarter management and operations. Based on a deep understanding of what each and every type of business might need, Hikvision offers bespoke solutions that specifically answer the most concerning questions.

One platform, centralized management:

 “Centralized, intelligent and collaborative,” Hik Central centralizes management and enhances efficiency to help customers maximize security data and implementation. Visualizing data for a better business insight With this marketing data dashboard, all the information that a retailer need is intuitively displayed. For management team that needs to check and run multiple stores, the dashboard also shows shop locations on the E-map and all related information for efficient review.

Hikvision CCTV Camera Secure Education Sector:

Educational institutions provide young people with the tools to thrive in today’s world. And keeping students and staff safe in educational environments is becoming increasingly important. However, on-campus security installations still face many challenges. Systems integrators have a huge task when implementing a new system – juggling various site challenges, integrating new and existing systems, needs of students and staff, and of course the budget. And here is where Hikvision comes in. Hikvision provides a full range of select functions that suit a wealth of needs – for kindergartens, for grade schools, for universities. We have it all.

Overall Protection

  • Ensures on-campus safety with three layers of protection covering school gates, campus roads and building entrances.
  • Ensures students’ safety to and from school with our safe bus solution.

Centralized Management

  • One system for all scenarios, making management easier.
  • One-stop solution including alarm, search, positioning, and analysis modules.

AI-empowered Video Surveillance

  • Enhances the efficiency of campus management to the utmost level.
  • A milestone for the construction of digital campus free of student ID cards with improved automation level.

Easy Integration

  • Easily integrates with external information system or other third-party systems.
  • Contributes to a more unified educational ecosystem.

Multi-Scenario Attendance Check

  • Takes full consideration of attendance management under various scenarios.
  • Satisfies the management needs from kindergartens to higher institutes.

Hikvision CCTV Camera Secure Building (Home, Office):

imagine a busy morning in the city: people hurry out of their apartments, stop at the café in the food court, hustle to the subway station and arrive at their offices just in time for work.  Apartments, commercial complexes, and office buildings all serve unique purposes in daily life, yet share similar security requirements. This is precisely why Hikvision’s Building Solution offers a general package that includes several basic components for security and information – video surveillance system, alarm systems, entrance and exit systems, and access control systems, for example. Depending on real-world needs and limitations, unique combinations of each system and their functionalities can be customized. Our offerings range from the most general security needs to advanced intelligent functions that improve management efficiency and user experience.

Hikvision CCTV Camera Secure Banking Sector:

Security has always been a critical component in the banking industry. Financial institutions require top-level solutions and an agile response to events. But security devices themselves are best when they go unnoticed, an attribute that helps maintain a safe and comfortable transaction environment. Beyond security, bank operations continue to become more sophisticated, so you may also be interested in tools that maximize efficiency, simplicity, and organization.With AI-enabled products, Hikvision proudly offers a complete solution that not only improves security in day-to-day operations, but also continually builds trust with customers.Take advantage of the most advanced technologies and keep your bank secure, efficient, and relevant in this ever-changing digital age.


High Definition Surveillance

  • A cost-effective transition from analog to IP. 
  • Helps bank management secure its personnel and operations.
  • Ensures safety of customer assets inside the bank.

Intelligent Application

  • Monitors and secures the bank through advanced VCAs.
  • Improves customer experience using queue detection, people counting, and more.

Centralized Management

  • All devices can be managed easily on a Central Management System (CMS).
  • Integrates CCTV system, alarm system, access control system, and more.

Maintenance Management

  • Health monitoring helps discern the status of devices & storage in a comprehensive and intuitive way.
  • Improves system functionality and maintainability.

Hikvision CCTV Camera Secure Industrial Park:

Faced with soaring labor cost and more fierce competition, it is urgent need for industrial companies to reduce cost while improving operation efficiency, and meanwhile, to embrace digitalization transformation to increase competitiveness by taking advantage of advanced technologies like AI, big data and VR/AR. As a leading IoT solution provider, Hikvision offers an all-encompassing solution for building an intelligent industrial park by focusing on four critical components: personnel management, vehicle management, goods management and site management. This solution not only improves safety with its top-notch security solution, but also helps improve operational efficiency through adapting Artificial Intelligence powered functionality. All-together, Hikvision’s solution aims to build a more secured and more intelligent industrial park.

Hikvision CCTV Camera Secure Traffic Sector:

As city populations grow, so do car ownership and the burdens on urban traffic systems. A solution that improves awareness, removes complexity, and reduces labor is obviously needed. The key objective remains keeping everyone moving safely and responsibly on the road, optimizing the use of available transportation resources, and responding to traffic events as swiftly as possible.

But how?

Hikvision’s Intelligent Traffic System Solution alleviates these concerns altogether, removing the bottlenecks that have long troubled authorities and citizens to keep traffic flowing and help people get where they need to be, in a smarter and smoother way. 

  • Proactive System Health Monitoring
  • Remote Configuration and Maintenance
  • Quick Installation Tools
  • Flexible Linkage Across Devices
  • Intuitive Web Portal & Mobile App

Whether it's for installation or maintenance, with Hik-Pro Connect in place, security teams can manage multiple sites with power and efficiency. It creates streamlined operational workflow and powerful remote maintenance capability, which can significantly reduce the service providers’ costs and therefore increase your company’s efficiency. 

Reduced Installation Time 

Security teams can: 

  • Set up multiple devices at the same time using the batch configuration tool.
  • Complete a comprehensive security system configuration in a friendly and efficient way with the optimized Setup Wizard.
  • Connect various security devices easily using the Hik-Pro Connect platform, powered by P2P technology.