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Product Name: Interactive Whiteboard
Country of Origin: Germany
Model: Varito IS 82
Technology: Optical imaging touch technology.
Way of writing: Pen, fingers, or any other opaque object.
Range of Application: Education,Training,Conference,Office,Any Presentation.

The spectrum of Interactive Digital Boards that we offer is an ideal solution for Digital Classroom, And Electronic Virtual Presentation and conferencing. This Interactive white boards are connect with a suitable device to operation that facilitates to use an electronic pen like a mouse to perform the task of e-mail distribution and notes share with many media and way. These interactive whiteboard are user friendly, which enable the users to convey their thoughts to the group in an effective manner. Moreover, these boards use less power, are easy to use and provide extreme picture clarity. Due to all these reasons, the demand for these branded Interactive digital boards is increasing across the educational institutes and corporate offices. We are offering a Range in Interactive White Board. Our Board is Finger touch boards as well as pen touch board also. Interactive white board can make Effective learning more innovative and engaging experience with vast peoples. A Consumer can write on the board with a finger or a white board marker also. Interactive whiteboard for education Sector like Lab, School, College and University Classroom .Interactive whiteboard technology Smart boards for education assist teachers in bringing an increased level of interactivity to the classroom. The simple to use interactive whiteboard suppliers can be easily adapted to the requirements of the classroom and can improve learning and increase the engagement and development level for students. The Teachers are able to use and work with interactive digital whiteboard applications they use on a day to day basis whilst being able to write over and add notes to documents using digital Interactive whiteboard Solution. GCTL Security and Automation is a leading company in Bangladesh which supply and import best quality Touchscreen digital Interactive whiteboard.

Name: Optical Interactive Whiteboard- আরো বিস্তারিত জানতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন:

Model: IR-9082

Range of Application: Education, Training, Conference, Meeting Place, Presentation and more….

Optical Interactive Whiteboard IR-9082 series interactive whiteboard adopt advanced Optical Imaging touch technology, surrounded by a pair of LED transmitter and LED receiver, via the signal strength of transmitter and position calculation of receiver, whiteboard can recognize the touch position of pens, fingers of any opaque object and then perform to work.

Product advantage:

1. Any object can operate.

2. Outstanding durability and aging resistance ensure long work life operating.

3. Slight damage on the surface will not affect the normal use.

4. Support multi touch, compatible with window7 and windows8 operating system.

5. Support standard HID technology.



Optical induction

Way of writing

Pen, fingers, teaching pointer or any other opaque object

Way of Communication

Standard USB2.0

Surface material

High strength 、low reflection hard coated eco-friendly composite material, anti-glare, anti-dazzling, wear-resistant; Support marker writing and standard cleaner.




Technical parameter




≤0.1 mm

Max Position deviation


Minimum diameter of



Process rate


cursor blink rate

180 dot/s


USB power supply, less than 1W

Shortcut key

16 shortcut keys on each side of board

Hardware driver

Standard HID equipment,driver-free,support Win7 Win8



With single touch, it can achieve the function of writing

With dual touch, it can achieve the following functions, such as move current page to

anywhere, page up and page down, rotate, zoom in and zoom out.

With your palm, it can achieve the function of an eraser

Way of installation

Wall-mounted bracket or mobile stand(optional)


10 points touch



Overall size (mm) (W×H×D)

1715×1253×38(83 inch)

Active area (mm) (WxH)

1615×1153(78 inch)

Net weight (kg)


Package size (mm)


Gross weight (kg)





Wall-mounted bracket

1set (standard)

6.5 m USB cable

1 pc (standard)

Whiteboard pen

2pcs (standard)

Mobile stand


Short focus floor mobile stand


Aspect ratio


Workable temperature


Workable humidity


Storage temperature


Storage humidity



1 years


Size error: ±1mm,Weight error: ±1kg The shape and standard are subject to change without notice.

Warranty Policy: Germany Computer And Telecom Limited provides you one year Warranty for Every Interactive whiteboard

Why Choose GCTL?

Professional Quality Whiteboard from Master of Smart Boards: Your partner in the all areas of Presentation, Visualization and Planning, With its sleek finish and high gloss surface, an essential foundation for productive meetings, impressive presentations and highly efficient organizations with Digital Interactive Whiteboard.

Easily Cleaned: Writing can be Removed easily without leaving residue or ghosting. The writing surface is suitable for "Digital Interactive Whiteboard" Any needs. Suitable for use with all standard Smart touch erase functions, the dual functionality of this board means documents, photos and notes can also be attached for quick reference, keeping you on top of your game. Including a removable pen tray, you can keep all you need quick at hand!

Award Winning Product: Tested According to High Quality Consumer Protection Standards in Germany. The quality anodized aluminum frame, and strong metal backing ensure high stability and durability. Equipped with a special lacquered surface for enhanced protection, the extremely resistant surface will provide years of endless use.

Latest Product and Functions with Updates:  Our "Interactive whiteboard’s" blank canvas can transform even the Nicest of ideas into an easy to understand visuals, which makes them indispensable for business enterprises, as well as educational and creative institutions of all kinds "interactive business and Office Presentations".

Renewed for Long Years:  GCTL’s Larger Smart whiteboards are perfect for meeting rooms and lecture rooms as the highly pigmented writing surface provides a high color contrast for unbeatable readability. Smaller sizes are also a great "Electronic interactive whiteboard" tool for team meetings with fewer participants as the lightweight, yet sturdy construction is perfect for mobile use.

Best Benefits:

  • Smooth, Easy Optical Surface. 
  • Strong Aluminum Frame.
  • Perfect Color Contrast with Any Projector.
  • Mount it for your any needs.
  • Wall Fittings Easily.
  • Insert or remove easily.
  • Professional Appearance.
  • Satin-finish aluminum frame matches any classroom environment.
  • Standard Classroom Whiteboard
  • Classic Premium Meeting Touch Boards
  • Home Décor Nice Presentation Smart Board
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