Touch screen interactive whiteboard in Bangladesh

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 A stablish company of Germany.
exported their products to over 50 countries, including the ones in Europe, Middle East, Asia. etc.
Maintaing the Europe standard Varito manufacture from China.

Model: Varito IS-86R
Technology: Infrared  imaging touch technology.
Way of writing: Pen, fingers, or any other opaque object.
Range of Application: Education,Training,Conference,Office,Any Presentation.

Digital touch screen Electronic Interactive whiteboard is an instructional tool that allows computer images to be displayed onto a board using a digital projector. This is also a classroom or boardroom Presentation System which a single user or multiple users can write or draw anything on the Interactive whiteboard by using the fingers or inkless e-pen or e-pointers other many objects. The projector can be Connect with computer, desktop, Laptop onto the board's surface, where users can control the computer with a stick, pen, finger, or other Supported Elements. The board is typically mounted to a wall or floor stand. a user can then manipulate the elements on the Digital Interactive Whiteboard by using his finger as a mouse, directly on the Digital Interactive whiteboard screen. Items can be dragged, clicked, moved, selected, merged and copied other Devices. The lecturer can handwrite notes, which can be transformed into text and saved. It connects with PC or Laptop through a USB cable and displays the output of a computer, desktop, laptop, TAB, and many Supported Devices projected on the Digital Interactive whiteboard through a projector. After calibration, touch and working elements from the board will be transferred from the board to the computer at same time.  Interactive whiteboards have become popular all over the Bangladesh last few years, and it appears that their use will continue to grow exponentially. Touch screen Interactive whiteboard Have powerful tool in the classroom adding interactivity and collaboration, interactive whiteboard support the integration of media content into the learning. Used innovatively they create a wide range of learning opportunities in Their Education.

Name: Infrared Interactive Whiteboard- আরো বিস্তারিত জানতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন:

Model: Varito IS-86R

Range of Application: Education, Training, Conference, Meeting Place, Presentation and more….

Infrared Interactive Whiteboard GK-880H/82S  series interactive whiteboard adopt advanced Infrared  imaging touch technology, surrounded by a pair of LED transmitter and LED receiver, via the signal strength of transmitter and position calculation of receiver, whiteboard can recognize the touch position of pens, fingers of any opaque object and then perform to work.

Product advantage:

1. Any object can operate.

2. Outstanding durability and aging resistance ensure long work life operating.

3. Slight damage on the surface will not affect the normal use.

4. Support multi touch, compatible with window7 and windows8 operating system.

5. Support standard HID technology.

6. Certifications : CE, FCC, RoHS.

7.Free Training Will be provided from our side

8. 24/7/365 Days Hotline support with 5 Group of  members 





Infrared  imaging touch technology



Aspect Ratio


Product dimension (mm)


Active touch area (mm)



Two sides

Writing tool

Pen, finger, pointer or other object

Surface Material

Writing material with low reflection

Back Panel

Metal plate material

Frame material

Aluminum alloy

Touching  Life

More than 60,000,000 times

Modular Design

Pull the PCB and replace easily.


USB cable

Supported OS

/win10Win8/Win7/Vista/XP/Mac OS

Cursor Speed

250 point/sec

USB cable length






Power Supply

USB only



Drive method

No need install extra drive, plug and play

Working temps


Working humidity


Touch Point

10 points


Wall mounted or using a mobile stand


Warranty Policy: Germany Computer And Telecom Limited provides you

Warranty : 01Year (Spares & Service)

Why Choose GCTL?

Professional Quality Whiteboard from Master of Smart Boards: Your partner in the all areas of Presentation, Visualization and Planning, With its sleek finish and high gloss surface, an essential foundation for productive meetings, impressive presentations and highly efficient organizations with Digital Interactive Whiteboard.

Easily Cleaned: Writing can be Removed easily without leaving residue or ghosting. The writing surface is suitable for "Digital Interactive Whiteboard" Any needs. Suitable for use with all standard Smart touch erase functions, the dual functionality of this board means documents, photos and notes can also be attached for quick reference, keeping you on top of your game. Including a removable pen tray, you can keep all you need quick at hand!

Award Winning Product: Tested According to High Quality Consumer Protection Standards in Germany. The quality anodized aluminum frame, and strong metal backing ensure high stability and durability. Equipped with a special lacquered surface for enhanced protection, the extremely resistant surface will provide years of endless use.

Latest Product and Functions with Updates:  Our "Interactive whiteboard’s" blank canvas can transform even the Nicest of ideas into an easy to understand visuals, which makes them indispensable for business enterprises, as well as educational and creative institutions of all kinds "interactive business and Office Presentations".

Renewed for Long Years:  GCTL’s Larger Smart whiteboards are perfect for meeting rooms and lecture rooms as the highly pigmented writing surface provides a high color contrast for unbeatable readability. Smaller sizes are also a great "Electronic interactive whiteboard" tool for team meetings with fewer participants as the lightweight, yet sturdy construction is perfect for mobile use.

Best Benefits:

  • Smooth, Easy Infrared Surface. 
  • Strong Aluminum Frame.
  • Perfect Color Contrast with Any Projector.
  • Mount it for your any needs.
  • Wall Fittings Easily.
  • Insert or remove easily.
  • Professional Appearance.
  • Satin-finish aluminum frame matches any classroom environment.
  • Standard Classroom Whiteboard
  • Classic Premium Meeting Touch Boards
  • Home Décor Nice Presentation Smart Board
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