Varito ZA3000E Walk Through Metal Detector Archway Gate

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  • Place of Origin: Germany
  • Brand Name: Varito
  • Model Number: Varito ZA3000E
  • Power Supply: AC85V-264V / 47.5-60Hz
  • Working temperature: -20℃--+50℃
  • Working Frequency: 4KHZ-8KHZ
  • Standard External size: 2200mm(H)X800mm(W)X580mm(D)
  • Standard Internal size: 2010mm(H)X700mm(W)X500mm(D)
  • Package size for door panels: 2260*650*260mm *1ctn
  • Package size for control unit: 780*390*250 mm*1ctn
  • Gross weight: 70KG
  • Color: Gray/Black
  • Environment: room or outdoor optional

Varito ZA3000E Walk Through Metal Detector Archway Gate Price in Bangladesh

The VARITO ZA3000E through-metal detector door uses international advanced metal detection technology, which is specially used to detect and prevent metal and alloy objects hidden in people. It has high safety, strong applicability, high sensitivity, adaptive adjustment sensitivity, wide detection ran, strong resistance to external interference, 24 hours of intelligent service, simultaneous sound and light alarm, and achieved quality, effect and technical parameters. The world's leading level. False alarm. For places where it is necessary to prevent the loss of precious metal items, such as industrial and mining enterprises, banks, private luxury houses, etc., as well as places where it is necessary to prevent dangerous metal objects, such as airports, customs, prisons, exhibition halls, etc. The sensitivity can be adjusted, the metal object with the size of the paper clip can be detected, and the location of the metal can be distinguished. The user can also set the size, volume and weight of the metal to exclude coins, keys, jewelry, belt buckles, etc.

Archway Walk through metal detector using for maintaining high security any area like Shopping Mall, School, Airport, Prison, Court, Bank, Hotel, Conference, Sports Events, etc. ; Factory Security, the detection channel is divided into 6zone,12zone,18zone,33zone and more zones, column configuration warning indicator, door frame made of high strength casting material, high-grade materials, beautifully designed, the product is designed to use with high sensitivity metal detector, more reliable high demand for electronics factory anti-theft security. Walk through Metal Detectors archway Security Gate will help you keep the peace of mind any security issue Germany Computer And Telecom Limited will provide you original and imported product. Please contact us for any query feel free any places from Bangladesh.

Product Application:

Walk Through Metal Detectors archway gate use any type of Security Check As: Shopping Center, Rail way Station, Bus Station, Airport, Prison, Court, Bank, Hotel, Conference, Stadium, Sports Events, Factory Security, Universities, Medical, Defense, And Every types of Entry Area.

Archway Metal Detector Gate in Bangladesh

Main Features: (Archway Walk through Security Gate Metal Detector):

1) Six mutual over-lapping detecting zones, Simultaneous alarm from multi- zones;
2) Sensitivity adjustable: Each zone has 100 sensitivity level
3) Sound & LED alarm: Both Side LED indicator ,easily show where the metal is.
4) Automatically count passengers and alarm times
5) Alarm strength indicator on control panel
6) Password protections, only the authorized person can operate.
7) Easy assembly: designed with only 2 pieces cables and 8 screws, simply-to-follow instruction.
8) Harmless to human body: is harmless with heart pacemaker, pregnant women, magnetic floppy, recording tapes, etc.
9) Using high density fireproof material
10) Program Self-diagnostic when power on, no need initial or periodic calibration
11) Modularization design, easy for maintenance and replacement.
12) Sensitivity Test piece: One Metal Coin, omnidirectional detection
13) 4 or more hours backup battery (Option)
14) More zone detection, more accurate as your wish.
15) Reserved communication interface can be connected to a computer, camera, three rolls, etc. (To use this feature related hardware and software sold separately).
16) DSP digital signal processing technology, detection accuracy.
17) The four corresponding transmitter, a receiver, eliminate detection dead.

Our Services And Company Information:

Germany Computer And Telecom Limited (GCTL) is a professional Large Scale manufacture of all types of Industrial metal detector, Security metal detector, Security x- ray baggage scanner, Our mainly products includes walk through metal detector, hand held metal detector, food metal detector ,industrial metal detector ,underground metal detector , under vehicle metal detector mirror, Security x-ray baggage luggage scanner , CCTV Camera System, IP Video Surveillance Camera, HD Security Surveillance Camera, Analog Security Surveillance Camera, Network Video Recorder (NVR),Digital Video Recorder (DVR),Access Control Systems, RFID Access Control, Fingerprint Access Control, Time Attendance Systems, Exit Reader, Door Lock, Accessories, Fire Alarm System, Addressable Fire Alarm System, Conventional Fire Alarm System, Fire Hydrant System, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Suppression, Fire Resistance Door, Metal Detector Gate, Metal Detector Walk Through Gate, Turnstile Gate, Vehicle Barrier Gate, hand held metal detector, Intruder Alarm System, Video Door Phone, X-ray Baggage Scanner, accessories  and related products all over Bangladesh.Our company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Functional Configuration:

1. Display: 7-inch operation LCD screen, new debugging program interface, operation is more convenient and easier to understand.
2. Stand-up dimensions: 2230mm (H) × 835mm (W) × 700mm (D)
3. Vertical channel size: 1990mm (H) × 760mm (W) × 600mm (D)
4. Machine weight: 70KG
5. Working voltage: AC90V~240V 50/60Hz
6. Power consumption: <10W (lowest power consumption)
7. Operating frequency range: 1-100 frequency bands
8. Sensitivity: 0~999 adjustable
9. Working environment temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C
10. Location detection metal object accuracy range: Maximum sensitivity <2g metal (about one paper clip size)


Alarm sound mode: Variety of alarm sound selection modes to suit different occasions
Password operation: Password protection only allows authorized personnel to operate, and the security is higher.
Human body safety: Harmless to heart pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, magnetic media, etc.
Multi-zone Technology:
33/36 zone detection, which identifies metal more accurately. Promise zone more accurately and quickly identify metal, while tracking metal moving position sound and light alarm.
Large screen Technology: 7-inch LCD screen, new debugger interface, easy to understand.
Detection of objects: Magnetic, non-magnetic and alloy metals can be detected.
Super-strong shell protection technology: IP55 superior protection performance.
Anti-electromagnetic interference: It adopts DSP digital signal processing technology to automatically scan and detect the mechanical and electromagnetic interference  of the installation site environment, automatically adapt to the working environment, and has high immunity to electromagnetic and mechanical interference, no need for periodic calibration, greatly improving resistance to dryness ability. Working frequency band: up to 100 working frequency bands, multiple devices work side by side with the same 50cm without interfering with each other.
Detection area: The basic structure of the human body is divided into 6-18 detection areas, so that the sensitivity distribution of the detection area is not only blind and more uniform.
Detection zone sensitivity: The sensitivity of a single zone can be up to 0-999. Built-in high and low sensitivity programs for quick and easy adjustment, all probe program parameters can be set and modified at any time.
Automatic wake-up: When the system has no detection work within 5 minutes, it will automatically enter the power-saving mode. When the object passes, the system will automatically wake up and enter the working mode.
Diffusion alarm mode: Use the LED side diffusion alarm method to distinguish the metal size.
Alarm data statistics: Equipped with intelligent passenger flow and alarm counters, real-time automatic display of the number of recorded alarms and the number of people entering and leaving, 100000 large capacity record information for convenient real-time access.
Sensitivity calibration: The only sensitivity calibration display in the world. When the calibration area detects sensitivity, the current adjustment area indicator lights up, prompting the operator's current adjustment area. Other uncelebrated areas will not be detected, which is convenient for the user to determine the positioning. Adjust the calibration sensitivity
Flying object detection function: It can prevent people from transferring items from the security door when they do not pass the security door.
Professional detection program: The system has built-in detection procedures for 72 different occasions.
Self-learning function (adaptive debugging system): When the system enters the debugging system, it can adaptively debug the detection standard, which means that the sensitivity can be adjusted automatically according to the sample.
On-screen menu display: Use color LCD display menu, select menu in Chinese and English, and display background environment interference signal in real time on the LCD screen, so as to adjust it in the installation.
Boot adaptive diagnosis: The system adaptive diagnosis and detection of power during startup, fault display.

Walk Through Metal Detector System Uses:


Our company promise (GCTL) :
- Reasonable prices
- Short delivery time
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- Always offer the best support to customer
-100% quality guarantee.
-Fast support.
-Technical support 100% warranty.
-Free charge for training service.
- Replacement Warranty as Provider.
- Expert Technical Team.
-24x 7Supports.
- Quality Assured.
- Replacement Warranty
- Service all over Bangladesh
-after sending, we will track the products for you once every two days, until you get the products. When you got the goods, test them, and give us a feedback. If you have any questions about the problem, contact with us, we will offer the solve way for you.


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