MCD Walk Through Security Metal Detector Gate 6 Zones

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Parameters of  MCD-300 walk through metal detectors:

Item details:

Detection: zone                6

Sensitivity: 0-99 adjustable

Alarm way: Audio alarm and LED location lamp work at the same time

Display:                8 status led display

Pass rate: >40 persons/min

Power: 220V AC,50/60Hz

Power wastage:               35w

Working temperature:-10℃-45℃,≤95%RH

Tunnel size: 200(L)*70(W)*56(H) cm

Dimension: 222(L)*82(W)*67(H) cm

Net weight: 60kg/set

Gross weight: 70.5kg/set

Name of Product:  MCD Walk Through Security Metal Detector Gate 6 Zones

Model: MCD-300

MCD 300 Archway Metal Detector is walkthrough type of metal detector gate that will detect any kind of metal object. MCD 300 Archway Metal Detector using in various sectors in Bangladesh. Generally, that type of metal detectors is used in entrance point of sensitive places like Railway Station, Hotel, Bank, Embassies, Entertainment Environments, Government buildings, Gymnasiums, Exhibition Centers for luxurious appearance, Market, Building, Office, Airport, shopping Center, Where Large Amount of People meet. MCD 300 Archway Gate Metal Detector is most used and popular metal detector all over Bangladesh. It is quite light weighted than other of its kind. MCD-300 Archway metal detector Gate is totally waterproof, which seems to be advantages for every type of Metal detection. MCD 300 construction of that device being done by fire board materials, which ensures its ultra-durability and can get backup of up to 8 hours. It is totally harm less for human body. You can buy this device along with all of these attractive features at a very reasonable price in Bangladesh.


Detection Zone:



0-99 Adjustable

Alarm Way:

Aduio Alarm And LED


8 Status Led Display

Tunnel Size:

200(L)*70W)*56(H) Cm


222(L)*82(W)*67(H) Cm

Delivery Time:

7-10days After Received The Payment


12 Months

Net Weight:


Gross Weight:



Waterproof Material


Details of our  sensitive  MCD-300  walk through metal detectors:



Brand and type




2.Can match moderate detection requirement

3.Six interlaced detection regions of the same high with the body and combining

4.Four pairs of infraced emission and the receiver to prevent detection blind spot

5.LED array panel on the operation board display the area of metal detected

6.Sensitivity of every area can be adjusted independently from 0-99,getting rid 

of interference of scheduled metal.

7.Strong anti interference:digital and analog circuit design to prevent wrong alarm.

8.Password protection function:just allowing authorized personnel to operate 

equipment in order to insure security.

9.Function of several detection doors work at the same location at the same time,

the minimum distance between each door must be more than 40 certimeter.

10.100 grade sensitivity, exclude the interference of belt, key, jewelry and coin and

so on.

 Detected goods  

Metal tools, weapons, electronic products and so on.

Application area 

factory, exhibition, outdoor check, large public events or others.

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