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Key Benefits
• Complies to standard NF C 17-102 (2011)
• Tested in high voltage laboratory
• Cost effective
• Latest Thunder Protection price in Bangladesh
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Product Description

The LPI Stormaster ESE range of terminals provides a safe and efficient system for the protection of yourfacility from direct lightning strikes. The LPI Stormaster ESE terminal captures the lightning energy at a preferred point. The energy is conveyed to ground via a downconductor(s). When the energy enters the dedicated lightning earth, it is safely dissipated without risk to personnel and equipment.The Stormaster ESE range of terminals have been fully tested in accordance with NF C 17-102 (2011) in a high voltage laboratory.


Stormaster ESE Principles

The Stormaster Early Streamer Emission air terminal uses the naturally occurring electrical field to complete the timely release of an upward leader. This process provides for a safe and efficient method of controlling dangerous lightning energy at a preferred point.As a thunder storm gathers overhead the ambient electrical field surrounding the Stormaster ESE begins to rise in voltage. Upon the approach of a down leader towards the protected area there is a rapid increasein the electric field which initiates the triggering of an upward streamer from the Stormaster ESE terminal. The concept of earlier streamer emission allows for a larger or enhanced area of protection to be provided by the Stormaster ESE in comparison to a conventional rod.With the release of the upward streamer from the finial tip earlier than other competing structural points, the Stormaster ESE terminal becomes a preferred point for the capture of the lightning discharge within the protected area.


Certified Performance

As one of the leading companies in the field of lightning protection, LPI has invested heavily in field and laboratory testing as part of its on-going commitment to research and development.Throughout the product development of the Stormaster ESE terminals the proto-type models were subjected to intense testing under high voltage conditions. Following further refinements the Stormaster terminals were subjected to final testing by an independently accredited test laboratory which completed testing in full compliance with the French National Standard NF C 17-102 (2011). The final testing on the Stormaster ESE terminals showed effective performance as defined in the French National Standard.

Market-Leading Advantages

LPI’s fully-accredited and approved family of Stormaster early streamer emission (ESE) air terminals have the following key
First company to introduce an optimised lightning coupling design using four independent panels;
Extensive field experience with more than 50,000 installations over 15+ years in more than 75 countries around the world;
Air terminal family designed to meet all aspects of NF C 17-102 (2011), including the detailed time advance testing criteria and correct test sequencing per the standard;
Additional testing and certification toIEC 62561-2;
All testing performed in ENAC and ILAC-accredited high-voltage laboratories;
Proven technology based on international research findings, modelling and field testing.


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