Educational Queue Management System in BD

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Educational Queue Management System:

  • Collect data per store and service counter and report on productivity
  • Students served per time and date per branch and counter.
  • Queue full waiting alerts per time of day and branch identifying peak traffic times and queue volumes.
  • Views on a per branch queue basis, time and date stamped.
  • SMS, e-mail automatic queue full and long waiting periods, alerts need to be Students definable per Queue.
  • Wireless Queue Management System 2 Counter

 Educational Queue System in BD

GCTL's Student Queue Management Solution for universities and colleges offers a unique end-to-end customer experience when students visit offices in different buildings and departments for registration and other administrative tasks. gctlsecurity offer's Student Queue Management Solution allows students to choose the required service as soon as they check in (or when they book an appointment either via our self-service mobile app, or online). They are then directed to their assigned agent’s location while being notified about their destination and queue status in real time through our digital signage way finding and SMS notification solutions.


Educational Queue System in BD:

Improve Service productivity, reduce Students waiting, Educational Queue Management is the ability to manage and streamline queues in order to improve Students waiting periods and staff productivity.

Our Intelligent Queuing system is used to regulate the end of the queue by making it easy for Students to see when the next counter is available and where to go. Our Auto-Queue system on the other hand is ticket based solution allowing you to host your customers in a more personalized way. The solution allows for various data capturing functionalities and management functions, enabling to align themselves with the specific needs of the clients in real time.

 Educational Queue System

Benefits of a ticketing Queue system:

• Customer service personnel do not manage the queue; they simply look after the Students allocated to them. This gives them more time to view information through the CRM link from the system and receive the Students in a more personalized way.

•Data can be gathered not only about the Students coming into the branch, but on their specific needs, thereby being able to review data and establish key areas for staff to focus on.

•Relaxed and active waiting areas make your Students feel more at ease and they don’t have to worry about losing their place in the queue. It creates a less stress-free environment pushing up Students satisfaction and staff productivity.

• Helps regulate end of queue

• Integrated multi-queuing systems

• Monitoring of staff productivity

• Improve queue efficiency

• Built in supervisory call function

• Built in panic alerts

• Queue Layouts can be dynamically updated through the management console

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