Digital Signage Touch Screen Kiosk

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Name:                  Digital Display Kiosk
Panel Sizes:       42,47,58,65,70,84 inch and More
Area:                    indoor/Outdoor
Platform:             Multi
Viewing Angle:  178°/178°(H/V)
Warranty:            1 Year


Digital signage advertisement display signage is a sub-segment of Digital Viewing. Digital signage player use technologies such as LCD, LED and Projection to display content such as Customized digital images, video from Any Media, streaming media, web pages, weather data, restaurant menu Order, or text. Outdoor Wall Mount LCD Display found in public Places, transportation systems Area, Like Railway Station, Bus Stations museums Display System, stadium Screen, Shopping mall stores, hotel lobby, restaurant Reception, and corporate buildings Reception to provide wayfinding, exhibitions, marketing and outdoor advertising for Products and Branding. Only Germany Computer And Telecom Limited offer you Original Verified digital signage Products Whole Bangladesh.

Uses of digital signage:

Every Day There are many different types of uses digital signage that Kiosk allows a business to accomplish several purposes.There is no comprehensive list of potential applications. However, some of the most common forms include:

Public information Kiosk:

Many news agencies , weather office, traffic Control and local (location specific) information, such as building directory with a map, fire exits and traveler information area can use advertisement display kiosk.


Product information display board:

Company Product pricing, Product photos, raw materials or ingredients, suggested applications and other product information - especially useful in food marketing in Restaurant where signage may include nutritional facts or suggested uses or recipes.


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