Private Sector Queue system in Bangladesh

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This Queue System will provides you:

 -- Manage and reduce queues for more efficiency and better customer service.

-- Manage customer traffic in an optimized way and ensure proper routing to your services.

-- Improve customer satisfaction and the performance of your employees.

-- Collect statistics that allow you to have more information about the progress rate of your business, And help you to improve the profitability of your organization.

Private Sector Queue system in Bangladesh

During the last many years, GCTL have had the opportunity to work with a number of organizations from an array of queuing environments. We have experienced consultants who understand the demands that are placed upon front-end services, in both public and private sectors. We use our experience with our extensive client base to demonstrate to existing and potential clients our understanding of how Queue Technology is implemented in a number of business applications.

 Our Queue Service Areas:

Private Sector Queues:

Banks and Building Societies

Airports and Passport Area

Railway Stations

Retail Establishments Business

Embassies Line

Supermarkets Queue

Ticket Offices Queue

Customer Service Desks Queue

Shoe Shops and Shopping Centers

International Distributors


Public Sector Queues:

Central Government

Local Authorities

The National Health Service

Police Stations




Doctor Surgery/Health Centers

Queue system works: For a 'personalized' queue management system, Global Access offers what is referred to as a ticketing system – better known as our Queue management System. As a customer walks into your store/branch they will receive a ticket with a number on, based on the type of transaction or service required. They can then be seated in a waiting area or hosted environment and called according to their ticket number. The identification of the customer’s needs as soon as they arrive and optimize the management of your branch/store. Research has shown that this type of Queue Management Solution can improve your staff productivity up to 20% as they can be better organized according to their skill set, and they have more time to focus on the customer's needs than managing queue flows.

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