Parking Guigence LED Display


Smart Parking Guidance Benefits:

- Clear directions to car park

- Clear directions to the nearest available parking space

- Assistance at car park

- Assistance upon arrival at the car park

- Significant fuel and time saving

- Congestion free parking with smoother traffic flow

- Vehicle movements inside car park

- Improves Vehicle movements inside car park

- Increased Number of Parking Spaces

- Optimized turnaround time for parking

- Eases drivers parking frustration

- Gain in Customer loyalty and encourages repeat visits

- Reduces pollution (Vehicles takes less time to park)

- Utilizes parking spaces effectively

- Enhances Parking facility image

- Easy management of the system

- Lower maintenance costs

- Status of parking facility can be monitored from anywhere in the world

- Instant parking occupancy statistics

- User friendly software

Product Name: Parking Guidance LED Display in BD

LED display plays a important role in the Parking Guiding System. Outdoor LED Display installed at entrances shows drivers quantity of vacant spaces in the entire garage; Indoor LED Display installed at intersections shows quantity of vacant spaces in each area and floor and guides drivers the right direction to quickly find an available parking space. By using different color LED modules such as Red/Green, Red/Blue etc, it differentiate parking types easily, thus drivers can easily find different types of parking space they need, such as Standard, Disabled etc.

LED Display is composed of the listed items:

1. LED Module: a group of aligned small LEDs on which info. (number, arrow etc.) Can be displayed
2. LED Controller: drive LED module to display pre-programmed info
3. Power Transformer: provide DC5V power supply for the LED Display
4. Connection Board: eliminate DC24V carried by CAT 5 from NCU/Sensor
5. Housing: iron case to assemble all necessary parts of the LED display
6. Front Panel: transparent acrylic/PC board with painted signs (icon, text etc.)
7. LED Strip: light up the paintings on the front panel

Input Voltage




Working Voltage




Way of Communication


Transmission Distance

Maximum 1km





 Parking Guigence LED Display indoor

Parking Guigence LED Display indoor

Parking Guigence LED Display Outdoor

Parking Guigence LED Display Outdoor

Parking Guigence LED Display Layout

Parking Guigence LED Display Layout

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