Video conferencing Systems in Bangladesh


Uses of Video Conferencing
Video conferencing is used for a variety of purposes, including:
    Personal communication. Informal communication would normally use desk top systems. More formal meetings with several

participants at each site would probably use dedicated studio settings.
    Collaborative work between researchers using shared applications
    Education. Teaching usually involves one to many connections. The student sites may receive audio and video but only

send audio.
Video Conferencing is very useful whenever there is a clear communication need, and the benefits described by those using

video conferencing systems include:
    Reduced travel costs
    Face to face rather than telephone meetings
    Better quality teaching
    Easier collaborative workin

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Video conferencing Systems in Bangladesh

Bring video collaboration to huddle rooms and large conference rooms with our video conferencing system in Bangladesh. We use Premium PTZ camera with Ultra-HD imaging system and automatic camera control. Keep Meet up with All-in-One Conference Cam with 120° field of view and integrated audio, perfect for small conference and huddle rooms GROUP Video conferencing for mid to large-sized meeting rooms. Desktop video conferencing solution for private offices, home offices, and most any semi-private space.

Video conferencing Room Solutions:
Complete room solutions from Our System allow participants to quickly kick off and run a video conference meeting. With GROUP Kit Complete solution that makes video conferencing effortless.

As Meetup Kit: with Intel NUC Affordable, all-in-one video solution for huddle rooms

With Webcams and Headsets: Designed to work with any VC software, our webcams offer instant collaboration with high-quality HD video. Stylish and affordable, headsets are designed for long-lasting comfort to make every call more productive.

Video Collaboration Accessories

Video conferencing for every space:

Our Product is transforming video conferencing by offering an easy and affordable way to collaborate, with crystal-clear audio and razor-sharp video. Logitech products deliver exceptional performance, business certifications, and award-winning design.

Award-Winning Innovation and Design

Our video collaboration products are recognized in the industry for innovative technology and thoughtful design. When you make products people love, awards come naturally.

GCTL Takes Video Conferencing to the Next Level with Intelligent Automation and a Brand New USB-connected Video Conference system

We’re excited to announce two new types Video Collaboration offerings. The first adds intelligent automation to video meetings, and the second is a new video conferencing portfolio that that raises the bar for USB-connected conference cams.

Make Right Sense

Most meeting rooms weren’t designed for video conferencing. Overhead lighting, walls of windows, and lots of hard surfaces make problems like shadows, glare, echo all but inevitable. And with most cameras installed on the narrow wall of the room, remote participants typically see a lot more of the table than they do of their colleagues.

Sure, we can ask facilities managers to change window treatments and add acoustic panels. We can even hope that someone in the room will find the remote and manually adjust the camera. But wouldn’t it be better if the camera, mics, and speakers adapted to the room instead?

video conference device in bangladesh

Today, we announced Our RightSense™, a suite of technologies in Every devices that make better meetings easy and automatic.

  •  RightSight™ camera control finds people within the camera’s field of view, automatically framing meeting participants in the room so that users don’t need to manually adjust the camera angle, addressing the common situation mentioned in the beginning of this post. Because of this, participants can feel more natural in meetings, better able to comfortably interact and make eye contact.
  •  RightLight™ optimizes light balance and color to prioritize the appearance of faces over objects and surfaces, rendering natural-looking skin tones, even in dim or backlit conditions.
  • RightSound™ improves vocal clarity by suppressing background noise and echo, auto-leveling voices, and focusing on active speakers so that everyone in the meeting can hear and be heard.
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