video conferencing System in Bangladesh


Video Conferencing Benefits:
- Learn and Teach Online
- Optimised Attendance
- Reduced Travel Time and Costs
- Sustained Competitive Advantage
- Structured Meetings with Improved Communications
- Employee Retention
- Increased Productivity
- Bind Your Mobile Workers
- It Aids Telecommuting
- Organize Meetings Independent of Time
- Humanize Your Conversation

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Video Conferencing Infrastructure in Bangladesh

  • Go with proven expertise: GCTL is a Major name for nationwide enterprise video conferencing equipment.
  • Build on your existing video deployment with HD video conferencing. We offer Video Conferencing Infrastructure provides scalable, cost-effective, and unparalleled interoperability with other standards-based video endpoints.
  • Experience advanced room systems and distributed desktop and mobile endpoints. Invite anyone, anywhere, on any network, to participate in a video call.
  • Customize your always available virtual conference rooms. Support scheduled and ad-hoc conferencing from video conference room systems, desktops, and mobile apps.

Unmatched Density and Scale:

Gain the largest video capacity (80 HD ports) in a single 1U system with hybrid hardware and software architecture, including powerful video acceleration.

Video Conferencing and UC Interoperability:

Connect to any standards-based video conferencing system and leading Unified Communications client.

Unified Central Management

Schedule, moderate, control, administer, and monitor your entire video conferencing deployment.

 video conferencing System in Bangladesh

Video Conferencing Infrastructure

Take advantage of standards-based multipoint conferencing units (MCUs), which deliver high density and unrivaled performance. Firewall traversal helps secure connectivity between enterprise networks and remote sites. Deploy gateways to connect to legacy systems as well as market-leading unified communications solutions, contributing to current and future investment protection.

Video Conferencing Management Software

Manage and control your video network. Enable easy access to those inside and outside your organization. Bring scalability and redundancy to your organization by vitalizing resources in distributed deployments.

Virtual Meeting Rooms for Instant, Face-to-Face Collaboration

Assign a virtual video room to anyone in your organization, enabling easy access to those inside or outside your company. These always-on rooms allow scheduled and ad-hoc conferencing from video room systems as well as desktop and mobile apps. Virtual rooms are fully customizable.

Communications for how and where we work.

Your customers, employees and partners need a communications experience that fits into how they work instead of changing how they work.

Video Collaboration

Use video for consultations, training, team management, and interactive meetings.


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