Bosch Addressable Input Interface Modules

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The FLM‑420 Output-input Interface Modules are

fitted with one output to control external devices and with

one monitored input. They are 2‑wire LSN elements for connection to the fire

panels FPA‑5000 and FPA‑1200 and offer the enhanced

functionality of LSN improved technology

Brand: BOSCH

Model: FLM-420-O1I1-E

Country of Origin: GERMANY


  • Individually selectable input monitoring functions (EOL or contact)
  • Maintains LSN loop functions in the event of wire interruption or short-circuit thanks to two integrated isolators


Semi-conductor output

The semi-conductor output is electrically isolated from the

LSN loop and protected against short circuits.

Output power supply

The power supply for loads connected to the output can

be selected as:

• Auxiliary power supply from the fire panel

• External power supply units.

Input monitoring functions

The FLM‑420‑O1I1 Output-input-Interface Module

provides two monitoring functions:

1. Monitoring of a line by an EOL resistor

2. Monitoring of a potential‑free contact

The input monitoring functions can be selected by setting

the corresponding addresses.

Line monitoring with EOL resistor

The EOL resistor has a standard resistance of 3.9 kΩ.

The interface module detects

• Standby

• Triggering in the event of a short circuit

• Triggering in the event of line interruption.

Position Description

RΣ Overall line resistance with RΣ = RL/2 + RL/2 + REOL

RL/2 Line resistance

The following line conditions will be reliably detected if

the overall line resistance is within the specified range:

Line condition Overall line resistance RΣ

Standby 1500 Ω to 6000 Ω

Short circuit < 800 Ω

Interruption > 12.000 Ω

Contact monitoring

The interface module evaluates the operating conditions

"open" or "closed". The normal operating condition can be

programmed for each input. Contact monitoring has a

pulse intensity of 8 mA.

LSN features

Integrated isolators ensure that function is maintained in

the event of a short circuit or line interruption in the LSN

loop. A fault indication is sent to the fire panel.

Features of LSN improved version

The interface modules in the 420 series offer all the

features of improved LSN technology:

• Flexible network structures including T‑tapping

without additional elements

• Up to 254 LSN improved elements per loop or stub


• Unshielded cable can be used

Interface variants

The Output-input Interface Modules are available in

various designs:

• FLM‑420‑O1I1‑E in-built version:

- Suitable for standard device boxes according to

EN 60670 and

- For a space-saving installation in all devices.

• FLM‑420‑O1I1‑D DIN-rail version:

- Suitable for installation on a DIN-rail according to

EN 60715 with included adapter and

- For the FLM‑IFB126‑S surface-mounted housing.

Technical Specifications



• LSN input voltage 15 V DC to 33 V DC

• Max. current consumption

from LSN

1.9 mA


• Max. switchable voltage of

semi-conductor output

30 V DC

• Max. switchable output


700 mA (depending on external power


• External power supply 5 V DC to 30 V DC


Line monitoring with EOL

• EOL resistor Nominal 3.9 kΩ

• Overall line resistance RΣ

with RΣ = RL/1 + RL/

2 + REOL

• Standby: 1500 Ω to 6000 Ω

• Short circuit: < 800 Ω

• Line interruption: > 12.000 Ω

Contact monitoring

• Max. current strength

(current pulse)

8 mA

Minimum activation time of the


3.2 s



• FLM-420-O1I1-E 14 screw terminals

• FLM-420-O1I1-D 12 screw terminals

Permissible wire diameter

• FLM-420- O1I1-E 0.6 mm2 to 2.0 mm2

• FLM-420- O1I-D 0.6 mm2 to 3.3 mm2

Address setting

• FLM-420- O1I1-E 8 DIP switches

• FLM-420- O1I1-D 3 rotary switches

Housing material

• FLM-420- O1I1-E ABS/PC blend

• FLM-420- O1I1-D incl.


PPO (Noryl)

Housing color

• FLM-420- O1I1-E Signal white, RAL 9003

• FLM-420- O1I1-D incl.


Gray white, similar to RAL 9002


• FLM-420- O1I1-E Approx. 50 mm x 22 mm (Ø x H)

• FLM-420- O1I1-D incl.


Approx. 110 x 110 x 48 mm

(W x H x D)

Weight Without/with packing

• FLM-420- O1I1-E Approx. 35 g / 170 g

• FLM-420-O2-D Approx. 95 g / 390 g

Environmental conditions

Permissible operating temperature

-20 °C to +65 °C

Permissible storage temperature -25 °C to +80 °C

Permissible rel. humidity < 96% (non-condensing)

Classes of equipment as per

IEC 60950

Class III equipment

Protection class as per

IEC 60529

IP 30

System limiting values

Maximum cable length input 3 m

Maximum cable length output 3 m

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