Bosch ADDRESSABLE 02 Loop Fire Alarm Panel

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Manufacture in BOSCH own Factory Connection of up to 254 elements (254 per loop),Remote operation by up to 32 Remote Keypads, Auto-detection of modules, 5” x 7” LCD Touch Screen Color display

Brand : Bosch

Model : FPA-5000-02

Country of Origin: GERMANY  



  • Modular configuration allowing for easy extension
  • Interconnection of up to 32 Panel Controllers,
  • Remote Keypads, and OPC servers
  • Multiple CAN loop connection with highperformance
  • Ethernet backbone and redundancy
  • Installation and auto-detection of functional
  • modules by simply plugging them into the panel rail
  • Connection to BIS Building Integration System via
  • OPC server


Thanks to the modular configuration, the innovative

FPA‑5000 Modular Fire Panel easily adapts to local

circumstances and regulations. Due to the different

functional modules, country-specific characteristics

are accommodated in the connection just as quickly as

the respective alarm handling.

The fire panel is available with two different housings:

• Housing for mounting directly on the wall

• Frame installation housings which are fitted to the

mounting frame and can be swiveled.

With the aid of special mounting kits, the housings can

be mounted in 482.6 mm (19") cabinets. All housings

can be extended with various additional housings for

all conceivable applications.

The FMR‑5000 Remote Keypad offers the decentralized

operation of a control panel or control panel network.

Thanks to the external CAN and Ethernet interfaces,

several Panel Controllers and Remote Keypads can be

interconnected. Using either a single‑loop structure or

multiple‑loop structures with Ethernet backbone, the

network can be adapted to nearly every application


CAN/Ethernet Network

1 Fire panel

2 Remote Keypad


Additionally, the Ethernet interfaces allow the

connection to: Building Management System BIS,

Voice Alarm System Praesideo/PAVIRO, Remote

Services, FSM-2500/FSM-5000 Fire Monitoring



FPA-5000 systems can be connected to the Bosch

UGM Universal Security System and thus, be

integrated into a large network system.

The entire fire detection system is configured via a

laptop using the FSP-5000-RPS Programming



Operation / processing of messages

The operation and the processing of all messages are

easy and intuitive thanks to the ergonomicallydesigned

control panel with its TFT touch‑screen

offering a menu-driven handling and multi-color

display. To that end, there are permanently located

keys on the right, bottom, and upper edge of the

display as well as variably located virtual keys in the

touch-screen area.


Modular Structure

Due to its modular structure, the FPA-5000 Modular

Fire Panel provides complete flexibility and thus

customized solutions for any application.

Depending on the requirements, the following

selection can be made when planning:

1. Housing type: Frame installation or wall-mount

– Selection of a basic housing

– Optional Extension Housings

– Optional Power Supply Housings

– Optional kits for installation in 48 cm (19'') racks

2. Operating and Display Unit with Panel Controller

– Selection from the various language variants

3. Panel Rail

– Selection according to housing type and/or

number of required functional modules

4. Functional modules

– Selection based on planning and country-specific


5. Power supply

– Batteries

– Additional power supply facilities

– Power Supply Brackets are preinstalled ex-works

for Frame Installation Housings

– For Wall-mount Housings, Power Supply Brackets

are selected as needed

6. Additional accessories

– Front Doors

– Printer with Frame Installation Housing

– Cable Sets for special applications



The functional modules are autonomous, encapsulated

units that can be inserted into any control panel slot

using plug-and-play technology. Thus, the power

supply and the data traffic to the control panel are

indicated automatically without any additional

settings. The module is automatically identified by the

control panel and functions in the default operating


Wiring to external components is performed using

compact connector/screw terminals.

After a replacement, only the connectors need to be

reinserted; extensive rewiring is no longer required.


Detection Points

The Address Cards activate detection points. The

FPA-5000 governs up to 4096 detection points.

Each element and input which is able to set off an

alarm requires a detection point.

Inputs are considered as detection points if they are

programmed accordingly in the FSP-5000-RPS

Programming Software.

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