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Run Your Content Both Online and Offline:
No Internet connection? No problem. Save Intuiface experiences locally and run them offline. Pull the Internet cable from your PC, shut off WiFi on your interactive kiosk. Of course, by running experiences online, you gain the ability to access external information in real time. Want to display both offline and online content at the same time

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: Benshi
  • Display: 47,50,55 inch. Application: Indoor
  • Input Voltage: AC100~240V 50 /60 HZ
  • Type: TFT. Viewing Angle: 178 /178
  • RAM: 1/2/4 GB. ROM: 4/8/16 GB
  • Contrast Ratio: 1920:1080. Brightness: 350 cd/m2
  • Response Time: 8ms. Warranty: 1 year

Signage Display Price in Bangladesh : Available in sleek single, or double-sided designs, our free-standing ePoster kiosks make it easy to replace old-fashioned backlit printed signs and are also great for wayfinding applications. Photo and video files can be played back using the embedded media player and internal memory. A convenient media player cradle can accommodate a PC or an additional mounted media player, while a lockable door keeps things secure and out of sight.

Wayfinding software in kiosks:
Wayfinder’s touch friendly digital building directory has numerous benefits to make it a worthy investment that lasts. floor plans of a property is more lifelike and easily understandable. Our wayfinding software with eye-catching design and an intuitive multi-touch interface makes wayfinding on kiosks easy and fun – just enter the destination and go! A graphical route directs visitors visually or step-by-step from the kiosk to the searched destination. Fast search engine enables to quickly find desired destinations just by typing in the relevant keywords.

There’s also an option to add interactive notifications, advertisements (with our digital signage add-on) and promotions. Reach larger spectrum of visitors, even those who don’t own a smartphone or tablet. Way finder is fully customizable and integra table with other solutions like digital signage software.

Kiosk Features

  • 3D, semi 3D or 2D map;
  • Fast search engine – instantly find anything You’re looking for;
  • Pinch zoom and rotate the 3D floor plan;
  • “You are here” spot – indicates user`s current location;
  • Graphical route animation;
  • Realtime 3D walkthrough;
  • Route and coupons printout from the kiosk;
  • Multilingual – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Russian, Spanish are just a few examples;
  • Different types of advertisements – banner ads, highlighted directory items, small pop-up banners in 3D map;
  • Content Management System (CMS) for remote management;
  • Statistics of usage – tenant popularity, language popularity, popular search keywords, most popular advertisements;
  • Custom user interface;
  • Possible to integrate wayfinding software with different physical devices – proximity sensors, speakers, printers and others;
  • Multiple integrations are possible – social networks, timetables, clock, weather, transportation, websites, campaigns and others.

Technical information of our wayfinding software

Interactive Map
Interactive wayfinding comes with intuitive interface that makes it much easier for visitor to read & understand map. The block based 2D map has multiple colors which can be used for color coding in map too.

Directory Listing
Along with map, interactive wayfinding can provide directory view of the elements in map. For e.g. in mall all the shops can be categorizes in their respective genre like fashion, electronics etc. Visitor can browse through all the shops listed and find the desired shop and find the shortest possible path for the same.

Less time & More Productivity
Since the visitor con find any destination with shortest possible route, it saves lot of time on the part of customer. If in a mall, Mr. A want to go to a particular shop he can just search in interactive wayfinding directory and find the route easily.

Attractive Branding Option
Interactive wayfinding for huge premises with multiple options is necessity but it also provides option for effective branding. When the way finder is idle, different type of logo animation, videos or images con be shown.

Using Area :

Mall is large premises & many times visitors find it tough to find the desired store or restaurant. Interactive wayfinding is perfect solution where visitor can choose from the directory or just tap on the desired store and find shortest route available.

Hospital premises are large in nature with multiple facilities & departments. It is often confusing for a patient or visitor; in such case, interactive wayfinding with touch kiosk can provide details along with map of the premises.

Each airport has multiple terminals, each terminal has multiple check-in counters, gates etc. For passengers, interactive wayfinding can be very helpful to get around and board the flight on time.

Big corporate campus & centers, host either many offices or multiple divisions. Offices often include visitors; interactive wayfinding can serve the visitors very well to guide them and it will also go with the sophisticated decor.





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