Bosch Dicentis DCNM-WD Wireless Conference Discussion Devices


DICENTIS Wireless Conference System
Series: DICENTIS Conferencing System
Model: DCNM-WD
    Option to display personalized custom logo on the touch screen
    Removable Battery Pack, easy to change and charge
    Configurable as a participant, dual-use or chairperson Wireless Device by use of web browser interface
    Functionality can be expanded with software modules without the need for hardware modification
    Wireless Devices connect to the DCNM-WAP.

The Bosch DCNM-WD is a wireless device for use with the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System. The DCNMWD enables participants to speak, register a request-to-speak, and listen to the speaker during a meeting via the built in loudspeaker or headphones.

The loudspeaker and microphone can be active at the same time for a face‑to‑face meeting experience. The sound is crystal‑clear due to a very high signal‑to‑noise ratio and smart frequency selection. To prevent acoustic feedback, a feedback suppressor is built‑in.

The device can be easily configured as a single-use, dual-use or chairperson Wireless Device via the web interface of the Wireless Access Point (DCNM-WAP).

General Features:
    Possible‑to‑speak and request‑to‑speak indication in microphone.
    Single‑use, dual-use  or chairperson can be configured via the web interface.
    Audio mute button.
    Operating in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (UNII1, 2 (extended) and 3) (license free) band.
    Based on standard WiFi.
    Seamless automatic frequency channel switching.
    WiFi coverage area range test.
    Packet Loss Concealment.
    WPA2 encyption prevents eavesdropping and unauthorized access.
A socket is provided to connect the microphone either DCNM‑HDMIC, DCNM‑MICS or DCNM‑MICL, all available separately.
Two headphone sockets and controls (on the left and right hand side) are provided to enable the unit to be used by 1 or 2 participants.
A lithium‑ion rechargeable battery pack (DCNM-WLIION) powers the device - it is simple and quick to change for maximum efficiency and the battery status and usage time is viewable via the web interface control.

Technical Specs:

Supply voltage (battery pack)

7.5 Vdc

Power consumption

4 W

Operating time DCNM-WD

> 24 hours (20% speech, 80% listening)

Operating time DCNM-WDE

> 20 hours (20% speech, 80% listening)

Frequency response

100 Hz – 20 kHz)(-3 dB at nominal level)

THD at nominal level

< 0.1 %

Dynamic range

> 90 dB

Signal‑to‑noise ratio

> 90 dB

Headphone load impedance

> 32 ohm <1k ohm

Headphone output power

15 mW

WIFI standard

IEEE 802.11n

Frequency Range

2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (ISM license free)

Nominal microphone input

80 dB SPL according IEC60914

Maximum microphone input

110 dB SPL according IEC60914

Loudspeaker nominal output

72 dB SPL at 0.5 m

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