Bosch Conventional Smoke Detector

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Brand: Bosch (Germany)

Model: FCP-O320


High reliability of detection thanks to evaluation electronics

Active adjustment of the threshold (drift compensation) if the optical sensor becomes dirty

Activation of a remote external detector alarm display possible

Mechanical removal lock (can be activated/deactivated)

Dust-repellent labyrinth and cap construction Technical Specifications


Technical specifications:


Operating voltage  :   8.5 V DC to 30 V DC

Current consumption   :   < 0.12 mA

Alarm output   :  Increase in current (alarm resistance 820 Ωor 470 Ω)

Indicator output  :   Open collector connects 0 V in the event of an alarm over 3.92 kΩ


Individual display  :  LED red


Without base  :  Ø 99.5 x 52 mm

With base  :  Ø 120 x 63.5 mm

Housing material   :  Plastic, ABS\

Housing color   :  White, similar to RAL 9010, matt finish


Weight with packaging: Approx. 120 g




Environmental conditions:

Protection class as per EN 60529 IP 41, IP 43 with FAA-420-SEAL or MSC 420

Permissible relative humidity : 95% (non-condensing)

Permissible air speed : 20 m/s

Permissible operating temperature : -20 °C to +65 °C

Monitoring area : Max. 120 m2 (Heed local guidelines!)

Maximum installation height : 16 m (Heed local guidelines!)

Special features:

Response sensitivity

Optical part  : < 0.2 dB/m, in line with EN 54 T7

Thermal maximum part : >54 °C


Bosch Conventional Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Model: FCP- O320
Brand : Bosch
Detector type : optical
Protection category IP 41, IP 43 with FAA-420-SEAL or MSC 420
Monitoring area : max. 120 m²

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