Bosch Conventional Manual Call Point

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Bosch Conventional Manual Call Point ( Glass Break)

 Model: FMC-300RW

 Brand : Bosch

 Protection against injury through foil-labeled glass pane

 LED display for triggered alarm or inspection evaluation

 Protection category : IP 54

These single-action, resettable products are for manually triggering an alarm in the event of fire. The series includes two types:

Glass-break versions with a glass pane (covered with plastic sheet to prevent injury).

Resettable versions without a glass pane, which are reset simply by inserting and turning a key.

Activation of the call points can be heard, felt, and seen

– thus leaving no doubt that they have been successfully triggered. An activated call point’s address appears on the fire panel so its location can be quickly pinpointed.

The units also come with a variety of accessories such as bezels, keys, and spacers for installation in different conditions.



    Alarm triggering by pressing the black marking or breaking the glass pane

    Protection against injury by plastic sheet-covered glass pane

    LED display for evaluating triggered alarms and inspection

    Highly reliable and flexibly deployable

    EN 54-11 approved

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