Zeta Conventional Manual Call Point


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- EN54-11 approved

- Waterproof tested to IP67 (ZT-CP3/WP only)

- Glass appearance maintains operator deterrence

- Positive activation that mimics the feel of breaking glass

- Visible warning flag confirms activation

- Simple key to reset operating element (no broken glass)

- Complete functional test with every activation

Brand : ZETA   

Model : ZT-CP3

Country of Origin: UK     


Description :   

The ZT-CP3 and ZT-CP3/WP call points are unique in that they mimic the feel of breaking glass whilst offering the user the benefits and environmental advantages of a re-settable operating element.

The CP3 uses a simple yet ingenious patented mechanism which consists of a rigid plastic operating element and an over center spring mechanism. This arrangement provides real action on operation and simulates break glass activation.

An activation indicator drops into view at the top of the window after the CP3 has been operated. The unit is then simply reset with a key and is ready for re-use straight away.

A special Polycarbonate cover (CP3-CV) is available for extra protection against accidental activation and thus allowing the unit to operate as a double action call point. This must be ordered separately.



The CP3 is compatible with most conventional fire alarm systems. It is safe for use in areas where glass cannot be used, e.g. food processing plants and swimming/leisure centers.

As the unit can be simply reset it provides an ideal solution for areas that suffer from a high number of false activations such as schools, shopping centers and other public places.

The IP67 Waterproof CP3 has been designed to deal with today’s harsh environments and the cover adds an extra measure of protection against damage or accidental activation. This is especially useful where emergency systems are involved and accidental activation could cause serious delays in production or other operations. Where risk of malicious activation is a concern, the cover with an optional integral sounder can be highly beneficial. When the cover is lifted, the device emits a piercing 96dB alarm and the prankster will either run or be caught. The Waterproof CP3 can also be supplied with an integral cover to prevent accidental damage.  


Technical Specifications:      






Current Rating

(All Series) 3 Amps 12 - 24V DC

(Series 02-04 & 11) 3 Amps 125 - 250V AC

(Series 01 & 11) 3 Amps 12 - 24V DC

(Series 11) 3 Amps 125 - 250V AC

Low Current Rating (All Series)

1-100 mA 5 - 12V DC

0.1 Amps 125 - 250V AC

Housing and Mounting Box Material


Electrical Contact Material

Silver plated brass

Operating Temperature

-20 degrees C to +65 degrees C

Installation Terminal Conductor Size

0.5mm - 2.5mm


Red, Yellow, Green, Blue & White


Flush or surface with back box

IP Rating



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