Smart classroom solution for higher education and training

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This Smart Classroom solution comprises of following equipments:
    Portable Interactive Whiteboard/Panel
    Student Feedback System.
    Interactive Pads.
    Remote Classroom System.
    Visualiser/Document Camera.
    Smart Podium.
    Wireless presenting system.
    Microphones (Gooseneck and hand-held).
    Amplifier and Speakers.
    Desktop/Laptop With Touch Control.
    eAssessment’s e-Learning software.

GCTL Smart Classroom Solution

GCTL designs and provides the Smart Classroom Solution in Bangladesh for higher education and corporate training. There are lots of changes have been seen in the last two decades. Technology plays a vast role in these changes. Day by day peoples make themselves more modernize and digitalize. Now it’s time to modify your classroom with technology and make your classroom smart.

The basic principle of Smart classroom solution revolves around the idea of improving the skill and understanding level of students. Technology plays a vital role in achieving students’ learning goals. Utilizing technology in a learning environment helps to maximize their attention and engagement which results in the number of academic records. Smart classroom solution is helpful for both teachers as well as students. Our smart classroom solution connects teachers and students with innovative technologies to create an efficient and effective learning environment.
Smart classroom solution
It is a modern, innovative and interactive teaching and learning environment that has the available technological equipment to enhance the students' engagements. Consequently, success depends upon creating, bringing, learning and understanding new technologies. Smart Classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as computers, e-learning software, audience response system, assistive listening devices, networking, and audio/visual capabilities. GCTL had always bear in mind that “Better educational experience for better generation”. With the rise of internet service and IoT technology, Smart Education become a hot topic.

 Traditional academic affairs are heavy and lack of inefficient; lack of interactivities lessons is always a headache for teachers and students. But We offer an easy yet intelligent solution aiming to simplify academic affairs and improve the inter-relationship of teaching and learning.

  Our Student response system is the best solution for learning and teaching. A teacher teaches a lesson and puts any question related to that lesson; students use their separate response system to respond. After closing, polls the teacher can analyze report instantly generated through its software. After that they can repoll on the same topic if required otherwise they move for further discussion. Using student response system teacher also can conduct the real-time class test or organize small quiz to create excitement in students.

 Smart Classroom Solution contains:

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Document Camera
  • Exam View Assessment
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Digital Podium
  • Ceiling Mounted Projector
  • Desktop Laptop
  • Handsfree Microphone   
  • 4K HD display
  • HD video conferencing
  • Real-time screen sharing between multiple screens
  • File distribution and collection
  • Assessments
  • Sharing record of all activity within a lesson
  • Communicate privately with your students.
  • Video streaming

 Smart Classroom Solution Benefits:

  • Provide a technical environment for a large number of technical students.
  • Teach your student with an effective and 3D view of engineering tools.
  • Share assignment and project through different media instead of paper.
  • With the multi-touch Interactive Flat Panel, explain anything in detail.
  • Take Instant feedback of students what you teach.
  • Enlarge study of any microscopic biological images.
  • Save money, Save time.
  • Teach student with new updates in market.
  • Smart class give smart technique.
  • Get essential information and important news.
  • Now make your teaching style standard.
  • Replace old equipment of teaching with digital equipment.
  • Create an enjoyable environment for your student.
  • Now Integrate your office with digital equipment.
  • Provide stress-free training to your employee.
  • Make the conference more effective with instant feedback & assessment.
  • Improve your coaching with Smart Class equipment.
  • Share screens, video & documents.
  • Increase student by providing digital environment and Learn with new technologies.
  • Fun filled learning.
  • Collaborative learning options.
  • Making students self-motivated and more accountable.
  • Digital tools replace papers.
  • Easy access to online information.
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