RFID control half height tripod turnstile gate

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Flap Barrier systems provide effective means for pedestrian flow control at entrances of high class communities, intelligent buildings, hotels, subway stations and other high level venues.

Technical parameters

Housing material              304 stainless steel



Maximum Passage Width             500mm

Power Supply    AC220V10%,50HZ

Motor Voltage DC24V

Flap opening/closing time            0.2s

MCBF    5 million cycles

Transit speed     35 persons/min

Operating environment                Indoor/outdoor (Shelter)

Operating temperature                -30C ~ 60C

Operating humidity         95% no condensation


1. Unique two-way anti-reverse function.

2. Programmable device’s operating status through the built-in small press plate on controlboard,

3. Anti-rushing function ,when the gate signal is not received, the turnstile arms lockedautomatically

4. The center rotor will be set free (default) or locked (optional) automatically whenthe power is off.

5. Automatic Reset Functions: after you swap the card, during the specific time (the systemis 10s), if you  didnt pass the turnstile, the syste

6. The turnstile can work with door access control system/ consumption system /ticketsystem/biometric recognition system/ ESD system and so on

7. can be unidirectional or bidirectional control of personnel access.

8. An manager and long-range control the turnstile directly by managing the computer

Extended functions ,LEDindicator light, Boxhouse can lengthen, can make custom design

Normally open or closed can be adjust to meet the requirements of the different place.

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