Restaurant queue management systems


queue management system every restaurant should have

An easy solution that addresses all of the above pain points, an effective restaurant queue management system like WalkUp can help you make the most of walk-ins. And make waiting time feel like a breeze, too. In fact, a virtual queue management system can:

  • Allow customers have a more pleasant queueing experience – so they’ll feel like they’ve waited less
  • Send them accurate wait times thanks to a supersmart algorithm – so you can set customer expectations from the start
  • It’s a piece of smart technology that hungry diners can access from an app or by scanning a QR code at the door – so millennials will love it too. 

Food and Beverage Queue System

Crowded hotels and restaurants with customers standing outside waiting to be seated do not receive great feedback or reviews, even if your guest rooms, food, atmosphere, and customer service are all ranked highly. To enhance customer experience, you require a smooth customer flow in and out, with limited or no waiting time for all. With Waiting’s F & B specialized Queuing Tools like QR Queue System, SMS Queue System, Self-Ordering Kiosk or Interactive Digital Signage deliver the best customer service and minimize operational cost. Try it today for free!

Restaurant queue management systems

Utilize the waiting time to keep your customers entertained:

Keeping customers entertained and occupied while they wait will keep them distracted. Digital signage is a perfect solution for this. Display your menu along with the chef's specialty and help them decide their order in advance.

Sit & Relax with Virtual Queuing

Traditional queuing required customers to stand and wait for their turn outside the busy restaurants. With Waiting’s virtual queuing, allow your customers to wait remotely in their car or anywhere they desire. How does it work? Customers will easily scan the QR Code placed at the entrance and reserve their spot in line. A token will be generated and the queue progress can be tracked on a real-time basis. They will receive a notification once they are next in line to be served.

Better administration with Data Analytics

GCTL provides in-depth insight into customer purchase behavior and staff performance metrics such as average no. of customers served, time taken per customer, no-shows, and walkways to recognize operations where customer service and performance could be enhanced.

How can I sign up diners in the queue? 

With GCTL, you can choose from three different ways to sit more diners at your restaurant: 

  • Base – simply use the system on the door and let your front of house manually add walk-ins to a virtual queue. All they need to ask for is the diner’s name and mobile number.
  • App – display your restaurant on the GCTL app and get exposure to over 400,000 users. Diners can then join your queue remotely as long as they are near your restaurant (from up to 5km).
  • QR code – print and display a personalized QR code outside your restaurant. Diners can simply scan it and add themselves to your queue. Less workload for your staff and a queue that almost manages itself!

How much does Queue Management cost? 

Behind our restaurant queue management system is a super-intelligent algorithm that provides diners with accurate wait times, and you – with invaluable data on your walk-ins. And without costing you the earth for the privilege. In fact, you can choose from different subscription services according to your needs, starting from a pay-as-you-go monthly option to 3- and 12-month contracts with special discounts. Plus, all plans include free support. It takes Approximate 1,00,000- 3,00,000 Lakh BDT Price


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