Interactive bank payment touch screen kiosk system

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  • Brand Name: Varito, Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics Card Type: Integrated, Panel Material: Touch Glass
  • Product Status: Customization, Hard Drive Capacity: 500 GB
  • Input device: Touchscreen, Min order: One piece
  • Application: Indoor, Warranty: 1 Year Brand warranty

Interactive bank payment touch screen kiosk system

Bank Interactive kiosks are self-contained computing terminals that provide access to on-demand information and transactions. These devices can take a number of forms, such as touchscreen product displays, interactive mall directories, and employee HR info stations. Some devices even serve multiple purposes.

The Benefits of Interactive Kiosks for Banking

 A digital revolution in banking:-

With the rise of telephone, internet and mobile banking, it’s becoming increasingly easy for customers to conduct their financial business without ever visiting a branch.

With this in mind, it may seem like in branch banking is slowly dying out. It may seem like customers no longer require human interaction for banking transactions.

The use of online banking is undoubtedly growing customers accessed online or mobile banking at least once a month.

Despite this, the demand for branches is still strong. Recent research showed that 72% of customers usually go to their local branch to access financial services.


Bridging the gap between online and in branch banking:-

Interactive kiosks are the perfect tool for crossing the digital divide and making in branch banking accessible to everyone.

For customers that do the majority of their banking digitally, interactive kiosks can provide a familiar platform from which to access financial services in branch.

Customers who usually visit a branch to do their banking may find that interactive kiosks speed up and streamline the process.

In either case, interactive kiosks offer an enhanced customer experience in branches and enable customers to connect with financial services in new ways.

Here are four ways interactive kiosks for banking can benefit both the organisations and their customers:

An improved customer experience:-
Long queues are often a problem in bank branches. The use of interactive kiosks can vastly reduce waiting times by offering an alternative to the traditional tellers.
Easy-to-use interactive media can streamline the way customers access information and complete transactions, resulting in a more satisfying banking experience.

Brand reinforcement:-
Interactive kiosks with visually appealing branded content can improve customer engagement with a bank’s brand.
Brand reinforcement builds trust and may increase customer loyalty, as well as making customers more inclined to accept additional services.

Upselling financial services:-

The task of upselling financial services usually falls to bank staff, and customer demand may often mean they have little time for it.

Interactive kiosks provide a platform for communicating additional services to customers, saving bank staff precious time. 

Staff training:-

Interactive kiosks can provide benefits to bank staff as well as customers. Targeted digital signage messages in staff areas are a great way to keep staff up-to-date with the latest information, rates and promotions.

This greatly reduces the time needed to train staff, and the reinforcement of key messages will help to improve retention.

Interactive kiosks – the future of banking:-

Numbers of bank branches may be reducing, but the demand for in branch banking is not.

Interactive kiosks are the ideal way to bring branches into the digital age, connect with customers and enhance the banking experience.

If you’d like more information on interactive kiosks for banking don’t hesitate to get in touch.


  • Screen size: 15inch~22inch
  • Touch option: IR multi touch or PCAP touch
  • Color: white/ silver/ black/ customized colors
  • Metal framework with tempered glass for protection
  • High definition LED/LCD displays with wide viewing angles.
  • Users can intuitively scroll through staff, departments, amenities, meeting rooms, and much more to find full location and contact information.
  • Large easy to read, high impact display
  • Perfect for wayfinding, directories, airports, line busting, check in, retail merchandising and marketing applications
  • Integrated PC provides seemless All-In-One solution with no loose cables or connections
  • User friendly touch screen – pinch, zoom and swipe
  • Easily connects to remote network for management, health and usage reporting
  • Enhance your brand with vinyl wraps, signage


  • ATM and Financial Services: ATM touch screens have been commonplace for decades now. Scanners that can process cash and checks without the use of envelopes are now being implemented en mass. Beyond ATM, information kiosk software has been developed for bill payment, coin exchange, and money transfers, among other financial services.
  • Casinos and Gaming: As much as some people love interacting with a live dealer or croupier, digital casino games have been an industry revolution. As with ATM and financial services, security is a top concern for this application. In fact, in many ways, kiosk software has made these digital casino games more immune from tampering.
  • Restaurants and Service Vendors: From digital vending machines to table menus that can use an information kiosk touch screen to allow patrons to place an order directly from their table to the back of house, these applications are just now starting to ramp up. They’re not going to put servers out of work entirely, but they may enable restaurants to run smoothly will a smaller staff.
  • Employees and the Workplace: In both the private and public sectors, the applications here are numerous and varied. From new generation time clocks to new training programs to ongoing HR seminars to employee feedback, company executives and managers are finding new applications for workplace kiosks that increase operational efficiency.

Warranty – 01 (One) Year

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