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Hydraulic rising bollards design intentions were controlling road traffic equipment,
we have a new integrated hydraulic rising bollards, the hydraulic device is inside the bollard. When installing, you just need to lead the power cable out to the controller. It is very easy to install and
operate application.

Control system: Electrical Hydraulic system
Min passing pressure: 80 ton truck
Motor Voltage:: 220V(
Control voltage: 24V)
PLC: : Americal Original Chip
Rising speed: : 3-5S(adjustable)
Dropping speed: : ≤3S ( adjustable )
Working temperature: : -25℃~75℃  、Storage temperature: : -10℃~65℃, water-proof, damp-proof and
Material: Stainless steel Tube and A3 steel
Hydraulic cylinder: HOB63-600CA+I (industrial grade)
Pump Type: Vane Pump
Oil Container: 6 liters
Diameter : : 168mm,219mm,273mm
Standard Rising height : : 600mm (can be customized),
Thickness : 6mm to 10mm


Control Box

Oil pipe

Oil station

Remote control key

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