Hand Held Detacher Super hard Tag Remove Releaser EAS System

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Type:  Hand-held Detacher
Packing size: 27.4*12.5*7.9cm

Detacher Gun is a manual unit designed to remove Super Tags from merchandise. Tough molded plastic makes the unit both durable and lightweight, while a lanyard helps prevent unauthorized removal from the store. The detacher also provides a channel in the base of the handle that can be used to straighten bent tacks on hard tags. Batteries or electrical power source not required.

AM EAS Hard Tag detacher Features:
1.  Easy to apply and remove
2.  Tough, reusable and durable
3.  Maximizes display opportunities
4.  High technology for extreme performance

This detacher provides a lightweight and portable detacher solution. It features a symmetrical handle/trigger design that accommodates both left- and right-handed users and includes a top-mounted tag “nest” that allows easy operation with either hand. Associates simply insert any Super Tag into the nest beneath the thumbnail tab, press the tag down flush in the nest, then squeeze the trigger to release the tack. The tough, molded construction makes it rugged and user-friendly — without sacrificing durability. For added security, this detacher has an internal EAS element to alarm detection systems if an attempt is made to remove it from the retail environment.

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