Building automation Solution systems Company in Bangladesh

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Building automation Solution systems Company in Bangladesh:

GCTL Security and Automation Gives A range or Monitoring and Control units used for control of premises, temperature, humidity, voltage, leakage, smoke, airflow monitoring, doors control, security and video camera recording. They can monitor Many Dry contacts and use Multi different elements - email, SNMP and SMS notifications, triggers, access control, timers, logics, sensors, dry contacts. Ideal for use in Server Rooms, Telecom and Data Centers, and for small, medium and large IT monitoring applications Anywhere in Bangladesh.
Building automation in Bangladesh

GCTL integrate the individual technical equipment that act as a building management center. We Provide on the significance of intelligent building technology in Bangladesh. We installed Dhaka / Chittagong And Many System Providers of building automation products All Over the Country.

At a working meeting in Automation industry association for building automation, announced its guiding principles which illustrate the significance of intelligent technology in energy-efficient buildings. "We provide the shortest payback periods for saving energy in buildings, “This brings a new impetus for innovation, competitiveness. Where energy can be saved, economic activity is livelier than before.

This also applies to building automation. Buildings consume 40 percent of Bangladesh's primary energy. In this way technical building systems become an investment that is sought after. Intelligent networking, consumption regulation, controlling and contracting point of view these are new products and services that form a basis for new jobs and growth across The Country. What is also clear in the guidelines is that intelligent building services engineering is not only cost-effective. Rather, it is also a guarantee of compliance with the political directives for climate protection.
Building Automation Solution

Germany Computer promotes the comprehensive equipping of buildings and houses with the most modern control technology. This reduces both costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The latest generation of automation products lastingly improves the energy efficiency of buildings – by up to 14 percent compared to standard products according to calculations by us to ensure this, the association has created an independent quality assurance system. This stands for top quality and guaranteed energy efficiency.

Indoor environments that promote comfortable and efficient work are not in conflict with energy efficiency. High quality products and installations offer comfortable as well as economical solutions. When it comes to health and hygiene no one needs to do without. On the contrary, building automation also takes care of the elderly and this allows them to lead independent lives as long as possible. Intelligent technology in energy-efficient buildings – a market with a future. In order to meet to the BD energy efficiency guidelines as well as customers’ requirements for the energy efficiency of their buildings, leading international companies created the Building Automation and Controls Association. The goal of the association is the standardization, testing and certifying of products, which are key to the energy-efficient control of building services installations.

Building automation reduce thermal and electrical energy consumption by up to:

  • 26% in educational institutions and hospitals.
  • 27% in residential buildings.
  • 41% in hotels and restaurants.
  • 49% in wholesale and retail buildings.
  • 52% in offices and lecture halls.

Building automation Solution systems Can:

-          guarantee energy efficient environments for living and working.

-          assure efficient facility management.

-          improve the protection of the technical equipment.

-          increase the life cycle of the equipment.

-          secure high energy efficiency.
Building Management System

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