Automatic Roller door

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Product Main Facilities:

✓ Versatility.

✓ Quality.

✓ Safest.

✓ Convenience.

Roller door control unit

The optimum way to control roller doors

The GCTL motor control unit RDC Vision+ is suitable for roller doors in both private and commercial areas. RDC Vision+ offers you a high level of convenience and safety, in operation as well as during installation and set-up. A wide range of settings and extensions offer completely new options.

Product advantages

Universal roller door control unit for a wide range of roller doors with tubular motors up to 1000 watts, AC 230 V. The control unit is suitable for private and commercial use.

Thanks to integrated LED technology, the roller door control unit offers durable, energy-saving and efficient lighting. The RDC Vision+ is of the highest quality “Made in Germany.”

The RDC Vision+ is equipped with standard-compliant safety shutdown in accordance with Cat. 2, PLd and is TÜV type-tested. It features integrated evaluation of optical or 8.2 kOhm safety contact strips.

Countless setting and querying options on the device and via the SOMlink service interface and a fully automated learning process for run times facilitate installation. Pluggable connecting terminals allow convenient and reliable connection (cannot be interchanged).

Other benefits

  • Lighting can be activated by radio
  • Transmitter can be deleted selectively
  • Defined "OPEN," "STOP" and "CLOSE” activation via radio, external or integrated 3-function pad
  • Disabling of the roller door in combination with a frame photocell
  • Simple and quick diagnosis via integrated LEDs on the connecting terminals and slots


  • Bidirectional radio control system
  • Individual function assignment during programming of the radio control system by the user: Pulse mode, partial opening or lighting function, defined OPEN/CLOSE
  • Noticeable quality thanks to confirmation of the radio signal through vibration feedback (with suitable transmitter)
  • Door status display
  • Targeted light control unit
  • Programmed at the factory
  • Reduction of radiation exposure in spite of higher data throughput in package mode
  • Increased reliability and range due to active forwarding (hop function)
  • 128-bit AES encryption
  • Auto-repeat function for convenient opening as you drive up to the premises
  • Distance-dependent dead-man function for set-up mode

Connection options

  • Safety edge (8.2 kOhm or optical)
  • Pre-end position switch, e. g. reed contact
  • Palm button for Emergency Stop
  • Anti-drop device
  • Buttons such as key switches and 3-function pad
  • Photocell for protection in door Close (2-wire, 4-wire and frame photocell)
  • External warning light 230V max. 40 W
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