Asenware Addressable Fire Alarm Strobe Sounder


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- LPCB Approved

- Meet both EN54-3 and EN54-23.

- Designed with an upper cover and a lower cover and installed on an independent base, it can be installed, debugged and maintained conveniently.

- Suitable for wall and ceiling mount application.

- Providing 16 tones.

- Highly efficient LED technology


Model : AW-D306

Country of Origin: UK 


AW-D306 Addressable Sounder Beacon can give audible and visual alarms after being connected to a DC24V power supply and a bus loop. It can be used with a bus-type fire alarm control panel. After receiving a start command given by the fire alarm control panel following an accident, the Sounder Beacon will begin to work. At this moment, the Sounder Beacon will give a dazzling visual alarm signal and a harsh audible alarm signal ,to remind the persons on the scene of the accident , the fact that a fire has occurred on the site ,quickly and necessity to take related evacuation measures, thus preventing the fire accident from becoming a major one.

The Sounder Beacon may be used to give audible alarms and visual alarms at the scenes of accidents.It is applicable to places like high-rise residential buildings, public places, hotels, amusement buildings, factories, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, office buildings and stock exchanges, and particularly to the places with a low visibility or the possibility of generation of smoke


Technical Specifications:  


Loop input

DC24V(18-28V),≤1mA(monitoring status),≤3mA(alarm status)

Power input

DC24V(20-28V),≤4mA(monitoring status),≤130mA(alarm status)

Power consumption


EN54-23 Coverage

C-3-8/W-2.4-6(coverage volume see the following figures)

Flash Color and

White, 0.5Hz

Light Output

Meets EN54-23

Sound Level

See the following table”Sound Level Data”

Ingress Protection


Operating Temperature

-10℃ ~ +50℃

Relative Humidity

≤95%, non condensing

Material of Lens/Body

Flame retardant PC/ABS


ф100mm×100.5mm( with the base)

Mounting Hole Spacing

45mm ~ 70mm


About 270g (with the base)

Loop input

DC24V(18-28V),≤1mA(monitoring status),≤3mA(alarm status)



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