Optical tag EAS System Price in Bangladesh


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Color: Grey


Packing:1000 pcs/carton

Gross Weight: 9kg/carton

Product description:

Eyewear’s protective buckle Eyewear’s protective buckle

Product parameters the Product the Detail:

Name: Glasses tag glasses buckle

Item No.              : HLT019

Dimension          : 25 * 24 * 27mm

Frequency          : 8.2 MHz/ 58KHz / Customized

Lock                       : Three balls, Standard, Super

Color                     : Black & White Gray / White / Black

QTY .                      : 58.5X39X15cm, 1500pcs / ctn

QTY .                      : 58.5X39X15cm, 1500pcs / ctn

Packing                 : 15.58 kgs / ctn (8.2 MHz), 15.38 kgs / ctn (58 kHz)



Hard-label main adaptation range and placement method:

- Hard major labels homes for soft commodities, such as textiles, luggage, shoes and hats.

- Textile goods, as far as possible through the nail holes label clothing seams or grommets. That is so eye-catching labels and do not affect customer fitting.     

- For fur commodities, the label should be nailed through the buttonhole, to avoid damaging the leather. No buttonhole for leather goods, available on special tie clip set in a fur collar, in nailed hard tag.  

- The label for footwear products can nail through the buttonhole. If there is no buttonhole, you can choose a special hard label. 

- For certain goods, such as shoes, bottled wine, glasses, etc., may be used with a special tag or label plus hard to protect. 

- Hard tags to merchandise placement site should be consistent in order to commodities on the shelves looked neat appearance, but also easy to take the cashier to check the operation.


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