High durable EAS Anti-Theft alarm system for Supermarket

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Elegant exterior design, make from wood, using the ABS, high durability. A leading global advanced self-check function and the DSP digital signal processing system, guarantee a high tag detection rates.

Modern and fashionable design could integrate it into all kinds of retailing environments perfectly. More importantly, it can prevent shoplifting by its strong visual deterrence.
Quick Details:
Product Name : EAS anti-theft security system Antenna, EAS alarm system
Dimension       : 144x34x10mm
Frequency        : 58kHz
Applicable Scope: Supermarket, clothes or retail stores anti-theft systems
Environmental index: Indoor0~35°C Humidity0~90%
Voltage            : 110/200-250V
Power transformer: more than 100W
Detect distance: soft label: 0.7-0.8M hard tag: 1.0-1.2M
Height: 144cm
Material: wood
Width: 34cm
Color: silver gray
Installation: ground screw/engineer sealant
Engine weight:16kg
Environment parameter: indoor:0-35 °c  humidity:0-90%
Detecting Performance:
DR soft label : 1.4m,   Hard tag: 2.5m
Frequency : 58 khz,     Voltage: 220V
Packaging Details:    
Width: 34cm
Height: 144cm
Thickness: 10cm
Main engine weight: 8.5kg
Vice engine weight: 6.5kg

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