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Public address (PA) system:

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited Provides for you PA Systems and Speakers in Bangladesh. (PA) system is a ubiquitous part of everyday life. because at Retail stores, bars, restaurants, art galleries, schools, gyms, houses of worship, airports - and, of course, music venues - rely on PA systems also For your business, or organization, our portable sound systems are versatile and offer a variety of multimedia options: iPod/iPhone, MP3 Players, CD players/recorders, projectors, computers, or even musical instruments such as a guitar and bass. to deliver music, speech, and other audio system. GCTL import, Sales PA Speakers and Subwoofers, Portable PA Systems, PA system Accessories, PA Management System Solutions with best price in Bangladesh. Our PA Systems from reputed and renowned Brands which is lightweight and easy to use from every side. Please contact with us to get best service and solutions we are waiting for you.