LCD Wayfinding Information Kiosk

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Digital Signage kiosk and Interactive way finding touch kiosk growth advertisement to transactional leadership sales or valuable customer relational service.  Standard solutions information and entertaining customers, reduce perceived value, increase Sales and returning visitors; increasing potential Customer and feel the customer best experiences from all side. Contemporary viewing elements at large LCD/LED screens Kiosk, providing a sophisticated equipment digital showcase system for every product displaying, related events, advertising view, and more functions. Wall Mount Advertising Player options can be deployed in venues from dealerships to shopping malls, hotels, transportation hubs, and stadiums. Additionally, a digital signage solution can include transactional components, providing added functionality and ROI acceleration benefits. Integration of an optional Bill payment kiosk and Banking interactive kiosk enables your digital signage to pull double duty as a transactional kiosk, bridging advertising into profitable sales.